4 years ago this caught my eye…


I distinctly remember being blown away that someone would have the audacity to sell 1 hour of coaching for $1,000 and being even more surprised that people would actually pay that much.

The thought of charging even $50 or $100 an hour seemed absolutely insane.

$1000? Ludicrous.

But shortly after this, I hired my first coach and saw how much momentum and impact working with someone 10 steps of head of me could generate.

This gave me the initial spark to think about getting into coaching myself. I wasn’t an expert, but I was good at a handful of things and I often got asked about those things.

Fast-forward 2.5 years. I’ve been able to work with 300 individual coaching clients 1:1 and it’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

The coaching program has generated just over $500,000 in revenue and we’ve seen our hourly rates climb from $50 per hour to $5,000.

I get asked on a weekly basis about the program, how we run it and how we get clients. Today I’m going to show you everything we’ve learned and how you can do the same thing.

Feature Download: If you want to download the swipe file we used to launch our coaching program along with a 60-min special workshop on how we run our coaching program click here.

My friend Mike makes chopping blocks.

No machines and no Chinese imports. Just 100% handcrafted premium blocks of wood.

He has a problem though. No one knows that he sells them.

Over 12,000 people every month are looking for chopping blocks.

But not a single one of those 12,000 people knows Mike exists and that he has awesome chopping blocks

How can Mike get the attention his product deserves? Newsjacking.

What if Fox News did a report on chopping blocks and featured Mike in their story? What if that story had 200,000 people view it and 0.3% of those people bought his chopping blocks?

Last spring we launched our course, 10ksubs, for the first time.

That launch brought $220k in sales.

Then a few months later we ran another sale and it brought in just over $500k.

What did we do to double sales?

We got other people to help us sell the course. We used affiliates.

Getting random people from the internet to buy your product is hard.

So any time I see a strategy that makes that easier, I sit up and pay attention.

The other day I got an email from Michael Hyatt’s team that made me pay attention. Michael and his team have a membership site called Platform University. And twice a year they open up enrollment for the product.

Membership typically costs $37 per month.

However, after their recent launch ended, they offered a $1.99 trial to anyone who didn’t purchase during the launch.

Basically this…

Let’s recap:

1. PlatformU normally sells for $37 per month.

2. They normally open up enrollment twice a year for 1-2 weeks.

3. After the last launch closed, they sent a special offer for a $1.99 trial to those who didn’t purchase.

4. Once the 1-week trial ended, the membership automatically converted into the $37-per-month plan.

Note: Obviously, if you wanted to opt out of the auto-convert offer, you could.

Here is the email they sent out:

There are two ways to increase revenue in your business.

Way #1: Sell more of your widgets.

Way #2: Charge more for your widgets.

#1 is nice and comfortable. It requires us to do more of what we’ve already done: knock on more doors, launch more frequently, write more blog posts, push our audience harder, all of the stuff we’re comfortable with now.

#2 is not comfortable. It requires us to tinker around with our pricing, which is something we aren’t comfortable with or confident in.

But there is an interesting approach you can take that combines both paths.


Pricing packages have been around for a long long time and are used in pretty much every industry you can imagine.

Here are a few:

Infomercials (watch):