What if I told you there was one thing you could do to improve your sales by 15x?

Would you do it?

I bet you won’t.

Today I’m going to share the strategy we used to improve sales by 15x, show you how to do it and challenge your thinking.

Strap up.


3 weeks ago we ran our first-ever customer success experiment.

We’ve run 100s of marketing experiments over the last 3 years but have never once run an experiment solely designed to increase the number of people who buy our course and get their desired end results. Which is sad.

Quick aside: If one of our primary goals is to help people succeed, why aren’t there entire conferences, blogs and podcasts dedicated to this subject?

Instead of endlessly talking about webinars, podcasts, launches and every micro-optimization strategy under the sun, what would happen if we started focusing on… I don’t know… creating successful students or users?


Kathy Sierra has talked about this extensively in her book. Read it. 

Earlier this year we made it our #1 goal as a company to help 10,000 people per year grow their email list to 1,000 subscribers and launch a product by December 31st, 2024. That’s 7 years. And that’s a gigantic goal.

The primary reason we picked that goal is because I’m 1,000% convinced that with 10,000 people per year taking the ideas they have in their heads, creating them and shipping them successfully, our world will drastically change for the better.

Better presidential candidates

Better solutions to problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Better solutions to big world problems like global warming and clean water.

Ever had this conversation before?

Be honest…

What went wrong here?

The idea was freaking brilliant and you made an incredible product.

Why didn’t people buy it?

There are three things that have to be nearly perfect for a product to sell:

1. Pricing

2. Desire

There are 1,000s of marketing and sales strategies.

You have no chance to ever try them all.

But there is one sales strategy you can’t afford to overlook.

Tiered pricing.

Tiered pricing has accounted for 25% of all of our revenue over the last 18 months.

If you are selling a product or service online and aren’t using tiered pricing, stop whatever you are doing right now, read this article and implement it immediately. It’s one of the easiest tweaks we’ve made to our sales process and has had the single most dramatic affect.

The story:

About a year ago I wrote this post, which outlined how we launched our first flagship product, Get 10,000 Subscribers. It included all the data and numbers from the launch. If you haven’t read it, bookmark it. It’s solid.

Here are the CliffsNotes…

4 years ago this caught my eye…


I distinctly remember being blown away that someone would have the audacity to sell 1 hour of coaching for $1,000 and being even more surprised that people would actually pay that much.

The thought of charging even $50 or $100 an hour seemed absolutely insane.

$1000? Ludicrous.

But shortly after this, I hired my first coach and saw how much momentum and impact working with someone 10 steps of head of me could generate.

This gave me the initial spark to think about getting into coaching myself. I wasn’t an expert, but I was good at a handful of things and I often got asked about those things.

Fast-forward 2.5 years. I’ve been able to work with 300 individual coaching clients 1:1 and it’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

The coaching program has generated just over $500,000 in revenue and we’ve seen our hourly rates climb from $50 per hour to $5,000.

I get asked on a weekly basis about the program, how we run it and how we get clients. Today I’m going to show you everything we’ve learned and how you can do the same thing.

Feature Download: If you want to download the swipe file we used to launch our coaching program along with a 60-min special workshop on how we run our coaching program click here.

My friend Mike makes chopping blocks.

No machines and no Chinese imports. Just 100% handcrafted premium blocks of wood.

He has a problem though. No one knows that he sells them.

Over 12,000 people every month are looking for chopping blocks.

But not a single one of those 12,000 people knows Mike exists and that he has awesome chopping blocks

How can Mike get the attention his product deserves? Newsjacking.

What if Fox News did a report on chopping blocks and featured Mike in their story? What if that story had 200,000 people view it and 0.3% of those people bought his chopping blocks?