Swipe Breakdown: 3-Step Youtube Funnel That Landed $23,952 In Coaching Sales In 30 Days

Our client Sue Hoyuela recently generated $23,952 in coaching sales in 30 days — all from free leads she got from YouTube.

Today, I’m breaking down her simple funnel so you can duplicate it.

Inside Sue’s 3-Part YouTube Funnel

Sue sells a course + coaching program that helps timeshare owners rent their timeshare profitably and safely.

Naturally, that means there’s a good chance that people searching for “how to rent a timeshare” would be her best fit clients.

While most businesses might look to Google for traffic first, Sue has found a lot of success (with less competition) on YouTube.

She has multiple videos that rank high for “how to rent a timeshare,” like this one:

The video description contains a CTA to get answers to your timeshare rental questions:

This CTA is also featured on a slide at the end of the video:

Notice how this is positioned as a “timeshare rental chat hotline.”

This sounds much more enticing than something vanilla like “click here if you have any questions.”

“Chat hotline” implies that I’ll be able to get immediate help that applies to my unique situation.

The link takes you to a landing page that mirrors the language featured in the video:

The yellow button takes you to a Facebook Messenger conversation with a chatbot Sue created using Manychat.

She starts with a friendly greeting and then a few basic questions:

By asking for an email address, Sue is able to secure the prospect’s contact info so she can continue to follow up if they don’t end up converting into a sales call.

The next question (“What is your goal for your timeshare?”) allows her to qualify the prospect and better understand how she can help them.

She follows it up with 3 more questions:

  • How much access to your timeshare do you have?
  • What do you think you need help with the most?
  • Would you like to schedule a Zoom call?

The first question further qualifies the prospect. My hunch is that the more access a prospect has to their timeshare, the better fit they are for Sue to work with directly. It’s almost like a business coach asking a prospect how much revenue they make.

The second question is a great one to ask any prospect before getting on the phone with them (no matter what you’re selling). Knowing what they think they need help with the most not only helps you further determine if they’re a good fit, it also gives you something to sink your teeth into on the call.

Last but not least, she shoots a Calendly link to anyone who answers “yes” to scheduling a Zoom call.

From there, they can schedule a 30-minute call where Sue will give them some hands-on help with their timeshare:

That’s it!

In a 30-day window, this simple funnel sent Sue enough leads to generate 16 sales at a crazy high conversion rate of 50%, for a total of $23,952 in sales.

Not bad for a handful of YouTube videos and an automated chatbot.