Swipe Breakdown: $10,000 In New Clients From This Linkedin Post

Katja recently got $10,000 in freelance clients from LinkedIn with a simple post.

So we hopped on zoom and she shared how it worked.

This works well for people who sell…

  • 1:1 coaching
  • Done-for-you services
  • Consulting
  • High-ticket offers
  • Or anything else that typically requires a phone call / Zoom to make the sale

If that’s you, more clients await below.

Post Breakdown: Katja’s Proven Formula

Katja is a freelance web designer.

She creates websites specifically for self-employed people, but she wasn’t getting the number of clients she wanted.

Then, Katja discovered this simple formula that grew her following from 100 LinkedIn followers to 1,500 and land 4 new clients.

Here’s her #1 post that crushed it.

Note: The post featured in this article were auto-translated from German to English, and then we made some adjustments for a few words / phrases that don’t translate. Our goal was to capture the spirit and structure of the posts so you can use them as templates.

A Few Things To Notice:

  • Show Don’t Tell to overcome skepticism. Here Katja shows a picture of her client with an audio clip which makes the result more believable. If you don’t have an audio clip, that’s okay. Text with an image works too, but video or audio is best.
  • Clear CTA so people know what to do next. In this case, she dropped the book a call link in the comments section which does two things. One, your post will get more exposure because there’s no external link in the primary text. Two, people will read the whole post without feeling like you are selling them something.
  • Highlight The Benefit at the beginning of the post. Here Katja highlights how the client’s website now makes her job easier and fills her pilates classes.

What Happens Once You Get Clients on the Phone? See How Katja Closes Them in Her Full Case Study

After prospects book a call, you still need to convert them into customers.

Check out Katja’s case study and interview to see how she does it at such a high rate.

You’ll learn how she structures her calls in a non-salesy style that takes the awkwardness out of the process.