How to 10X Your Linkedin Following And Land Freelance Clients

Three months ago, Katja Scalia had 100 followers on LinkedIn and was completely dependent on referrals to get freelance clients.

Now, she has 1,500 followers and recently generated $10,000 in non-referral freelance sales in a single month.

Any time she wants another client, all she has to do is publish an extremely simple type of LinkedIn post.

And anyone who sells consulting, coaching, or done-for-you services can do the same.

I interviewed Katja so you use this method to easily add new clients without overcomplicating things.

Check out the recording + full breakdown below!

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Breaking Down Katja’s LinkedIn Client Acquisition Strategy

Before we get into the strategy weeds, let’s get a sense of the mechanics of Katja’s business.

Her Business: Katja creates custom Squarespace websites for small business owners, solopreneurs, and freelancers.

Note: The copy in the screenshot below is auto-translated from German.

Her Products: She sells a variety of done-for-you services, including website audits, website redesigns/migrations, and building new websites from scratch.

Her services for existing websites are smaller and less time intensive, while her custom website projects range from €2,500 – €7,000.

Her Best Fit Clients: Her most valuable customers are those who already have a good understanding of their business and customer base, but need someone to set up their website and guide their strategy.

The Challenge: When we started coaching Katja, she needed more clients.

There are millions of strategies you can use to make that happen.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by all those options, we zeroed in on one of Katja’s strengths:

When she gets prospects on the phone, they almost always end up hiring her.

This flipped the script.

Instead of wondering how can I get more clients, the question became much more specific:

How can I get more prospects on the phone?

Turns out, there’s an extremely simple method for this — asking them to book a phone call.

How Katja Smashed Her “2 Sales Calls a Month” Goal

Most people who sell services wildly overcomplicate generating sales calls.

They think they need to create tons of content, lead magnets, and email sequences to slowly warm up leads before they get them on the phone.

Does that stuff work? Sure — and all of it should be part of your marketing arsenal.

Are there other approaches that work way faster? Heck yes there are.

That’s why Katja’s Growth University coach, Michael Sharkey, gave her a simple assignment:

Create a LinkedIn post that just tells people to book a call with you.

How to Write a LinkedIn Post That Attracts New Clients

Katja’s LinkedIn posts follow a classic formula I’ve talked about many times before: P-A-S (Problem-Agitate-Solve).

Check out the following example to see it in action…

Note: This post was auto-translated from German to English, and then we made some adjustments for a few words / phrases that don’t translate. Our goal was to capture the spirit and structure of the post so you can use it as a template.


She starts it off with an actual problem-driven quote that her ideal customer is likely to be thinking: “My website is a chaotic mess. I just want it to actually do something for me!”

Then, she agitates the problem by getting more specific about all the frustrations that come with it.

At the end, she positions herself as the solution and provides a CTA: book an appointment to talk. The link in the comments section goes to a simple call booking page.

Need inspiration for a post like this of your own?

Katja’s advice is to just take the words straight from your customers:

“I just take the words from my clients I’ve had on calls,” she said. “I put them into a post and say, if you have the same problem, I can solve it for you. Just call me, and here’s the link.”

Think about it like this:

The results were immediate.

“In the first week after my first post, I had four calls booked,” Katja said.

A couple more posts got her up to seven calls for the month. Four of them converted into new customers — for a total of around $10,000 in sales.

All from a handful of simple LinkedIn posts!

Katja’s Stress-Free Sales Call Formula

Getting potential customers on the phone is one thing.

But converting them into actual customers is another.

Here’s the good news:

When prospects have booked a call with you specifically to learn about your services…they expect you to sell to them!

They have already raised their hand and told you they are interested in potentially hiring you.

Does that mean you need to hard sell them the second the call begins?

Of course not. In fact, Katja’s approach is incredibly laid back. She does three simple things:

Asks about their business and what kind of help they need.
Points them to the right solution — even if it isn’t her.

That last part is important.

Katja’s goal is always just to help whoever she talks to.

If that means offering her own services, awesome. But if she’s not the best fit for what they need, she doesn’t hesitate to recommend a different solution.

“I think the best thing to do is to not consider it a sales call at all,” she said. “I’m really curious about the people who are there [and to] see if they have a problem I actually can solve. And if not, then I will just suggest they do something else.”

If you’re at all nervous about selling yourself, this type of mindset can take the pressure off.

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