Swipe Breakdown: 72% Webinar Attendance With 4 Short Emails

Mike is a co-founder of The Honestly Adoption Company. They help foster and adoptive parents be the best parents they can possibly be for their children.

He recently hosted a webinar titled, “How to Effectively Respond to Your Child’s Behaviors,” with a 72% attendance rate (average is about 30-40%).

That helped him hit his best ever conversion rate (10% for a total of 40 course sales and $6k in revenue).

Today, I’m giving you the reminder emails he sent to registrants so you can sell more on your next webinar.

Inside Mike’s Attendance-Boosting 4-Email Sequence

Here’s how he structured the sequence:

Email 1: The Post-Signup Email

I like how Mike includes a simple breakdown of everything registrants need to know about the webinar in his first email.

  • He isn’t afraid to tell people it’s a 90-minute training and that they should clear their calendars.
  • He teases the content by mentioning his method the, “Behavior Response Blueprint.” This gives registrants a sneak peek of the webinar’s value so they’re more inclined to commit the time.
  • The bold text at the start of each bullet makes it easy to read and skim for the key points.

On top of that, he also mentions there’s a replay. This is somewhat surprising since you might expect that to decrease live attendance.

After all, if there’s a replay, why bother to show up live? Mike addresses that brilliantly in Email 2…

Email 2: The 24-Hour Reminder

This email mostly repeats the details in Email 1, but includes a key detail in the P.S. line:

Aha, there are the incentives to show up live!

Mike offered two free bonuses to encourage registrants to attend live:

  • Bonus #1 (Show Up): Everyone who showed up live to the webinar got what Mike calls a “greenroom teaching.” Basically, it’s a recorded video where he expands on a few of the concepts taught during the webinar. Incredibly simple to make.

  • Bonus #2 (Stay to the End): Everyone who attended the webinar to the end got a 5-page PDF called The Caregiver Survival Guide. This was a brand new guide Mike created specifically for the event.

Keep your bonuses simple and be sure to mention them a couple times in your show-up sequence.

Emails 3-4: Day-of Reminders

Honestly, the only thing to note about the final 2 emails is how simple they are.

Don’t overthink these!

Their #1 purpose is to simply remind registrants when the webinar is happening. For example, look at Email 4:

That’s the whole thing.

And if you’re worried about emailing people twice in one day, don’t be.

Remember — they signed up for your webinar because they’re interested in it.

99.9% of people will not be annoyed at all by a couple emails on the day of the webinar.

Don’t hold back!

Here’s the link to get your copy of Mike’s entire sequence.

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Getting people to show up is just the beginning.

The next step is getting them to convert.

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