How Stacy Landed 3 New Clients For $1,997 Each With One Live Webinar

Is there anything more embarrassing than delivering a webinar to a single attendee?

You prepped the content.

You promoted it.

You overcame nerves to present it.

And ONE freaking person showed up?

For coaches and course creators, it’s the worst.

When it happened to Stacy Brookman, it took her an entire year to work up the courage to do another one.

Only this time the results were different.

Instead of a handful of registrants, she had 200.

Instead of $0 in sales of her coaching program, she had $5,991.

(She even had a 100% conversion rate on sales calls booked from the webinar.)

Today, I’m going to show you what she did differently — so you can not only fill your next webinar…but fill it with people who are actually ready to buy from you.

Our Director of Marketing, Ben Dahl, sat down with Stacy to get all the details on her incredible webinar turnaround.

Check it out below!

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How Stacy Turned Webinar Failure into $5,991 in New Coaching Clients

Before we dive into Stacy’s webinar strategy, let’s talk about how her business works.

The Business: Stacy is the founder of Real Life Resilience. She is a coach who helps women leaders eliminate impostor syndrome.


Her Product: Stacy sells a package of 10 coaching sessions over a 3-month period. The price point is $1,997.

Her Challenge: Stacy felt webinars would be an effective way to get warm prospects up enough to book an Explore Coaching call with her. On the call, she would pitch them her coaching program mentioned above.

The problem?

The last time she hosted a webinar, she got the following results:

  • 5 registrants
  • 1 attendee
  • 0 calls booked
  • 0 sales

“I was so embarrassed,” she said. “It prevented me from creating another webinar for a whole year.”

The Plan: When Stacy decided to give webinars another shot, she first had to diagnose what went wrong with the one that flopped.

While there were many factors, she boiled them down into one primary problem — she didn’t get the right offer in front of enough of the right people.

How would she fix that this time?

It started with taking stock of her readily available channels to promote the webinar:

  1. An email list from a previous business that was only about 15% her current target audience
  2. Her LinkedIn account

Since only a small portion of the email list was in her target audience, she decided to focus most of her promotional effort on LinkedIn.

While she didn’t have a massively engaged following there, she knew the platform was full of professional women leaders who would be a perfect fit for her offer.


She still needed to nail the webinar title and positioning.

That’s why she went with something super specific to her best fit client:


Ignite Your Confidence: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome for Women Leaders

It’s hard to get much clearer than that.

Stacy created a perfect webinar title by doing 3 things:

  1. She focused on solving a common, painful problem for her best fit clients (overcoming imposter syndrome)
  2. She specifically mentioned who it is for (women leaders)
  3. She chose a theme that tees up her coaching program as the logical solution

The results?

From just a handful of LinkedIn posts, she got 200 registrants for her webinar. And that was with using an extremely basic Zoom registration page:

Reminder: getting the right offer in front of the right people is WAY more important than having the world’s most perfect webinar registration page. Focus on what matters most, like Stacy did.

Still, while registrants are cool, sales are what matter the most. So let’s look at how Stacy turned those 200 registrants into $5,991 worth of new coaching clients.

Stacy’s 100% Conversion Rate Sales Call Formula

There are 2 ways to convert webinar attendees into customers:

  1. Pitch them on the webinar.
  2. Invite them to book a call with you. Pitch them on the call.

For 1:1 coaching programs, option #2 is almost always going to work better.

1:1 coaching is expensive and requires a greater deal of trust and connection than something like an online course. Talking to people directly is the best way to build that trust and connection.

But there are still TONS of ways you can frame that call.

Some people go broad with “Strategy Sessions” that are almost like mini coaching sessions with a pitch.

Some people get more direct by framing it as a sales call from the start.

Stacy went with the second approach.

“If you’re getting on a call with me, it’s an explore coaching call,” she said. “I’m not going to coach you and solve a problem. I’m going to focus on how coaching can help you and why you should get it.”

Here’s how Stacy describes the call on her booking page:

This approach weeds out the tire kickers and ensures that Stacy is spending her time on people who are serious about getting coaching.

And guess what? It’s working.

She’s already gone 3-for-3 on sales calls for a 100% conversion rate.

The best part is that even though the call is framed as more of a “sales call,” she feels like she doesn’t have to be salesy at all. She does 4 things on each call:

  1. Asks them what caused them to book a call with her.
  2. Listens for key details in their response.
  3. Restates what they tell her in clearer terms.
  4. Walks them through the process she will take them through to overcome their unique challenges.

It’s just a straightforward conversation that doesn’t have to veer into salesy territory.

“It’s almost like they sold themselves,” she said. “They were the easiest sales calls.”

That’s the power of getting the right offer in front of the right people.

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