Scroll Box: For Everyone that Hates Popups

Growing up my mom used to tell me, “Bryan, it’s not what you say but how you say it!”

I HATED hearing that.

Such a cliche.

Turns out…she was right.

Who knew.

A few weeks ago I wrote extensively on using popups to grow your email list (here and here).

I got a lot of this in response…

“But BRYAN I don’t like using popups. They are SO annoying!”

First, get over yourself. It’s not about what YOU think is annoying. It’s about what your readers like and use.

Second, if you just can’t bring yourself to install a popup on your site BUT you really want to get more email subscribers I have an alternative for you.

It’s called a scroll box.

Take a look at how it works:

Basically, it’s like a popup only slightly more polite.

Instead of a giant box popping up in front of you as you read the page, the scroll box slides out and doesn’t interfere with your reading.

My friend Noah recently built a scroll box tool aptly named Scrollbox.

I was extremely skeptical of how well it would perform versus my popups.

He asked me to test it out, so I ran a short 5 day test on it and was very surprised at the results.

I expected a 1-2% optin rate.

Pshhh…I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Over the first 5 days I averaged a 5.10% optin rate!

That was BETTER than my popup optin rate.

Less intrusive + Higher optin rate = Winner

I’ve been running it every since.

Here are my results from last week:

If you want to install it, go here (Download).

PS: Have you used a scrollbox before? If so, how did it perform versus your popup?