All of my Google Analytics data for the past 60+ days

Bryan Harris —  Bryan Harris - March 7th, 2014


Note: Pick up the free resource guide to go along with this post. It gives you the tools and framework I use.

I have a confession to make.

You were just part of an experiment. Nothing malicious.

But this week was a test.

One of my goals for March is to increase the traffic to Videofruit by nearly 3x (the exact goal is 10,000 unique visitors).

To do that I’m implementing a few things: 

    1. Running weekly experiments
    2. Going through Neil Patel’s 30 day challenge
    3. Tripling my hours spent working on the blog

Here is how Week 1 went (March 3rd – 6th):


In short the overall traffic increased by 128% in four days.

Another item of note is the growth rate of the site’s email list. It grew by a total of 86 subscribers over those 4 days.That equates to a 7% signup rate for new visitors.

So, what did I do?

Simple…I posted more.

For the past 2 months I have averaged 1 post per week.

That post has been a 1,500+ word ‘Formula’ style post. They are super in-depth, data driven and written in a way that teaches the reader how to implement a particular strategy.

I really enjoy writing those and they have been received really well.

Here is a graph of how they have performed:traffic-graph-2014-jan-feb

For those 60 days the site has accumulated:

    • 10,643 Visits
    • 5,992 Unique Visitors
    • 26,418 Page Views
    • An average of 3:28 of read time per visit

By posting more I was looking to boost that quite significantly.


After consecutive 4 days of posting, here are the results:

    • 1,323 more site Visits
    • 993 more Unique Visits
    • 1,590 more Pageviews
    • 0.9 less pages viewed per visit

What does this mean?

It’s a small sample size, so it’s is too early to draw any wide sweeping conclusions.

However, one thing is clear: More (quality) Content = More Traffic

It can be tough to come up with topics to write about, that was one of my biggest fears.

What if I write all this stuff this week and exhaust all of my good topics?

Not going to lie, I was a little scared.



I’ve come up with a rudimentary system for constantly brainstorming and cataloging new ideas and topics to write about.

I’ve put them all together in a resource guide. If you are interested and think this could help you, it’s free.

Just click below and you’ll be taken over the the Videofruit Members area where you can download it.