Get more people to join your email newsletter by… asking them

Want more people to join your email newsletter?

Ask them. 🙂

Last night I was sitting on the couch, watching TV and checking Twitter when I saw something that made me feel really silly.

I’m always trying to devise new ways to grow my list. New apps, tips, tricks and techniques.

And then I saw this…

Sometimes I try to be too clever.

Before you worry about content upgrades, optimizing pop-ups and getting fancy with Nerdy Data ask yourself this question: “Have I asked the people I already know to join my list?”

If not, log out of your LeadPages account, shut down this blog post and go do that now.

Take care of the fundamentals before you start trying to implement the advanced stuff.

Need some help getting started?

Here are three Twitter scripts you can use to get people to join your list

Script #1: The Tease
Shooting an email to [insert name of your site here] subscribers tomorrow about the [insert topic of your email] . Get on the list here! [insert link to your landing page]

Here is an example of this in action:


Script #2: The Direct Ask
Go subscribe to my newsletter: [insert link] 

Here is an example of this in action:


Script #3: The Series
My new 8-part blog series is epic! Learn how to [insert your topic] Get it here: [insert link] 

Here is an example of this in action:


Update: Results of Asking People

Earlier this week I hosted a workshop with my friend Jeff Goins.

On the workshop I challenged everyone to go invite 200 people to join their list. Just straight up ask them.




Random people on Twitter.

Whoever you could find. Just ask them.

The results blew me away.

2 people got more than 200 subscribers in less than 24 hours.

What’s keeping you form doing the same thing? By this time tomorrow you could have more than 200 subscirbers on your list.

What can you do with 200 subscribers?

My friend and 10ksubs student John Meese built a list of just over 200 subscribers, launched a product to his list and did just over $10,000 in sales.

Now. Stop reading blog posts and get to work!

What do you need to do?

Step 1: Copy these three scripts right now.

Step 2: Plug them into your Twitter account. Press Tweet.

Step 3: Watch your list grow immediately.

Step 4: Go take this free class to learn the next steps.

Get over the fear of asking your friends and family to join your list. Those are your best leads because they are the most likely to tell their friends about you.

Suck it up. And ask. 🙂