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Email is the single most effective way to double your traffic and sales
Struggling to grow your business?
Building your email list is the single most effective way to fix that.
My name is Bryan Harris. I am the creator of the Jumpstart Your Email List class. Over the past 18 months, I’ve grown my email list from 0 to 10,000 subscribers.
But it wasn’t easy…
If I heard the phrase “The money is in the list” one more time, I might have thrown up.
Every blog post I read and podcast I listened to talked about this mysterious email list. But NO ONE would tell me exactly how to build one.
Finally after months of frustration, I said “Screw it!”
Everytime I heard of a new list bulding strategy I would install it and then measure the results. I repeated this process until I finally found a handful of strategies that worked REALLY well.
Then I took these strategies, improved on them and helped pioneer a new list-building framework that’s now being used by 1000s of people online (including folks like Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins and Jon Acuff).
This framework has changed my business. It went from a struggling start-up barely making $1,000 per month to doing six-figures in sales in a 10-day period earlier this year (full case study here).
Inside of the Jumpstart Your Email List class you'll learn this framework. This is your shortcut to growing your business. It's not a bunch of theory, but actual tactics you can implement immeditealy
I'll walk with you, show you the ropes and equip you with the tool and techniques you need to build your list (you'll also learn how to use your list to create and launch your first successfull product).
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Included in the Jumpstart Your Email List online class:
The very first action item you need to complete to start building your list 
How to get featured to 750,000 readers 
The exact technology stack you need to use to jump-start your list growth
With your FREE Jumpstart Your Email List class you also get...
An exclusive invitation to join our Rapid List Building System TM Premium Course
Meet your instructor
Bryan sits down with you and walks you through the introduction to the four primary stages of growing your email list. 
Laying the Foundation 
In the first module of the course you'll go through the basics of setting up your list and getting your very first email subscriber.
Your first 100 subscribers
In the second module of the course you'll be taught a simple strategy to get your first 100 subscribers in 7 days.
Getting from 100 to 500 Subscribers
In the thrid and final module you'll be given two strategies to execute that will grow your list from 100 to 500 subscribers.
Monetize Your List Workshop
In this free bonus workshop you'll learn a 4-step process to create, validate and launch your very first product.
Private Coaching Call (Recordings)
You'll have access to a bank of 15+ private coaching calls between me and past clients. These cover a wide array of topics.
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