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You walk up to a fruit stand. Two people are selling apples.

Booth A has a basket of 5 apples and it costs $5.

Booth B has a basket of 3 apples and it costs $5.

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Which one would you buy?



The last two weeks we’ve done an exhaustive review of two different email services, ConvertKit and Drip. But something interesting caught my eye about those two services and I want to pause our review series to share it today.

Drip has more features than ConvertKit.

But they cost practically the same.

If a product has better features and nearly identical pricing as a competitor, it seems like a foregone conclusion that everyone would buy the one with better features. However, the exact opposite is true.

ConvertKit has grown at an average of 25% per month for the last 24 months

Drip has grown at around 10% per month in a similar time period.

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What gives? Why are more people buying ConvertKit?

In this week’s article you’ll find out the answer to that question. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the lethal marketing strategy that has fueled ConvertKit’s success.

That strategy has been the #1 factor in revenue growing from a few thousand dollars a month…

Every year around Christmas the same things happen…

1. It’s December 12th-ish.
2. I realize I’m supposed to buy my mother-in-law something.
3. I panic.

Then I spend hours over-analyzing what to get.

I wish someone would just tell me what to buy! That would make life sooooo much easier. The problem is that buying good gifts take effort.

Picking an email service provider is the same way.

There are 100s of services you could use. Trying to figure out which one is the best is a gigantic pain in the butt.

What makes it worse is that everyone you follow online is hawking a different service as “the best email system ever made.” And the funny part is, most of them have never used the service they are selling you.

So we’re going to solve this problem.

We’ll never recommend one email service again. There is no one-size-fits-all. Saying that everyone who follows this blog should use X is not true. Not everyone should.

What we’re going to do instead is this…

  1. Spend 2 months reviewing every service.
  2. Show you what’s good and what sucks.
  3. Put all of those findings into a quick service picking tool.

When we’re done, all you’ll have to do is answer 5 questions and we’ll give you our recommendation for what service you should use, based on your type of business, income and stage you are at.

Each week I’ll answer 5 questions about each service:

Question #1: What are some of the funnest features?
Question #2: How much does it cost?
Question #3: How does it work?
Question #4: Will it do the things I need it to do or will I have to hack a bunch of crap together to make it work for me?
Question #5: What does it suck at doing and should I still use it?

We’ll be reviewing these 7 services:

1. ConvertKit
2. Drip

2016 Year In Review

Bryan Harris —  Bryan Harris /

A few Sundays back I woke up early.

It was 5am-ish.

I was upstairs in my office fiddling around. Then all of a sudden I heard a loud blasting noise. Since our neighborhood is still under construction, it didn’t make me stop and take notice like it should have. But after a few minutes of the blasting noise getting louder and louder, I had to check it out.

I walked downstairs, looked out of our dining room window and saw this…


It was a freaking hot air balloon!

And it had touched down 15 feet from our house.

What on earth?

Crazy part was this: After posting the video above on Instagram, the guy who was flying the hot air balloon commented on my post!

Been noticing a lot of super-smart growth strategies lately.

We even started a Slack group in our VF team channel to share as we come across new ones.

Today, instead of doing an in-depth breakdown post, I’m going to share 8 of my favorite ones from the last month.

Your homework: Take one of the strategies in this post and install it in your biz.


Growth Hack #1: Troll Trump

What is it? Hillary Clinton’s campaign folks set up this simple little website that tracked every time Donald Trump tweeted and let you send a small donation every time.

Freaking genius!

Apparently not quite genius enough. Because ya know… Trump won. But still.

How can you use it?

Let’s say you had a choice of two options:

Option #1: People who encounter you and your business trust you, like you and are extremely loyal to you.

Option #2: People who encounter you hate you, don’t trust you and have ZERO loyalty.

Which would you choose?

Stupid question. Obviously you would chose loyalty.

But here is a not-stupid question.




Why do you want people to trust you and like you and be loyal?

Here is why.

Loyal fans have conversations like this…

…or this.

Contrast that with the conversations that indifferent fans have.

Indifferent fans are… indifferent.

Loyal fans tell people about your business.

Loyal fans go out of their way to make sure others buy your product.