Swipe Breakdown: The “Make You Cry” Email That Generated $26,500 In Coaching Sales

The right email campaign idea can make the difference between a crappy sales month and your best month ever.

It’s really that powerful. Especially if you sell high-ticket coaching or consulting.

For example, our client Daavi Gazelle recently went from generating basically zero dollars from his 2,000-person email list to $26,500 in a handful of days — all because of the right campaign idea.

I recently interviewed him about the entire campaign, but today I’m going to give you the whole first email and break down the key parts so you can use it in your own business.

Ready? Let’s jump in.

Breaking Down Daavi’s “Make You Cry” Email

This is the opening email of what we call the “Make You Cry” campaign.

I originally got the idea for the concept after a client told us she was brought to tears when reading over the custom marketing plan we created for her business.

The concept became — what if we promised that results to everyone?

We built an email campaign around it that’s since brought in well over 6 figures in coaching sales for our business.

Then we templatized it and started helping our clients implement it as well.

Daavi Gazelle, who runs growth for Dr. Gail Gazelle, used it to promote a coaching program designed to help physicians overcome burnout.

The best way to understand the “Make You Cry” concept is to see it in action, so check out the intro they created using our template:

From the first line, this email is unlike anything else in your inbox.

“My #1 goal is to make you cry” is so off-the-wall that you have to keep reading.

Dr. Gazelle then does a brilliant job relating to an actual pain point that has made her clients cry (“the modern healthcare system”).

But the real genius is how she flips that pain on its head by describing how clients react when she helps them SOLVE that pain point.

When she delivers their Burnout Free Blueprint they’re overcome with emotion because it represents the first time someone understands what they’re going through and makes them feel like they can overcome it.

This is applicable to virtually any style of coaching.

We all make plans for our clients. We all understand deeply what they’re struggling with. We all know how they can overcome those struggles.

This campaign hinges on simply packaging those things in a plan you can present to new clients after they come on board.

In our business, we call this a 7-Figure Roadmap. For Dr. Gazelle, it’s a Burnout Free Blueprint.

I don’t care what niche you’re in — take the plans you’re already creating for your clients and package it into something presentable you can give them. It does wonders for buy-in and getting them to believe in themselves.

“Cool, Bryan…but isn’t it a little over the top to promise clients they’ll cry?”

That’s what the next part of the email is for. 🙂

Check it out:

If people were skeptical Dr. Gazelle could make them cry, I doubt they still were after reading that testimonial.

And if you’ve been in the coaching game long enough (and you’re good at it), you undoubtedly have similar testimonials.

Is the “make you cry” angle a little over the top at the beginning of the email? Maybe so.

But this part shows you why it’s not all hype.

Coaching can change lives.

Now, let’s see how Dr. Gazelle transitions into the offer:

That on its own is a solid offer.

But the next section is where this campaign really ups the ante:

Now THAT’S a powerful guarantee.

Giving prospects the chance to actually see if they believe in your plan for them before committing does 2 things:

  1. It forces you to create an awesome plan.
  2. It ensures you’re working with clients who are fully bought in.

We’ve had great results offering this guarantee in our business, and now businesses like Dr. Gazelle’s are taking advantage, too.

What’s stopping you from giving it a shot?

Want a Closer Look at Daavi’s Full “Make You Cry” Campaign?

Check out the interview where we talk through the whole sequence (and why he believes it worked so well).