Products & Courses

Over the past 2 years we’ve created a handful of products to help our students rapidly grow their email lists and launch successful products. Below is a list of the free and paid products currently offered at Videofruit.

Email Service Picker (FREE Software)

What Email Service Should I Use? is a free app that will give you my personal recommendation on what email service you should use. Just answer 8 simple questions and you’ll get your recommendation plus an in-depth review and video tour of that email service.

List Goal (FREE Software)

List Goal is a free app that we built to help you grow your email list. It helps you determine how big your email list needs to be to reach your financial goals, then helps you stay focused on that goal and gives you action items and coaching tips to achieve your goal.

It’s available on Chrome or Firefox.

GoViral (FREE Software)

GoViral is a growth tool that we build to help you get more traffic to your website. It does this by taking your best content and encouraging all your existing visitors to tell their friends about it. it works really well. Check it out!

Jumpstart Your Email List (FREE Online Class)

Don’t know where to start when it comes to building your email list? This free 6-part online class will get you started. Here is the exact syllabus you’ll work through in each of the lessons:

Lesson 1 – The very first step to building your list
Lesson 2 – How to know the exact product to build for your list
Lesson 3 – Behind the scenes of a $32,000 per month email list
Lesson 4 – How to get featured to 750,000 readers
Lesson 5 – Two examples of how to use the Testimonial Hack strategy
Lesson 6 – The exact technology stack you need to use to jump-start your list growth

You can signup for free and start taking the class immediately by clicking here.

 Get 10,000 Subscribers (Starts at $997)

If you’ve ever struggled with knowing how to build a platform that will help you have more time, money and freedom, this course will show you exactly what to do.

It is the most exhaustive list building course in existence. It includes over 75 videos, lessons and assignments.  You’ll be taken by the hand and coached personally by me through every step of the process.

This course opens for enrollment in the Spring and Fall each year. Click here to view the date for the next enrollment and to sign-up for the waiting list.