How to Get Email Subscribers to Share Your Business

Last week, I came across one of the coolest traffic generation strategies I’ve seen in awhile.

It started when a GoViral user named Andrei Zinkevich reached out and said, “I’ve added a viral loop to all of my lead magnets and it works like magic.”

He even attached a screenshot to show off some of his campaign results:

(Keep in mind that all of those “Actions” in the above screenshot are things like social shares that send even more warm traffic into his funnels.)

But there was another type of campaign Andrei mentioned in his email that really sounded interesting:

“I also add viral elements to email…I’m directing [subscribers] to important pages and engaging with them on more platforms.”

That’s when I knew we needed to find out more.

Today, I’m going to show you Andrei’s unconventional strategy for turning new email subscribers into ambassadors who spread the word about his business—so you can do the same.

The Business: Getleado

Getleado is a marketing consultancy run by Andrei Zinkevich that helps B2B businesses generate their dream leads.

Naturally, Andrei regularly publishes content and resources on the Getleado site to attract new clients.

GoViral helps him drive even more traffic to those resources…but not in the way you might think!

The Campaign: Converting new email subscribers into ambassadors and loyal fans

Andrei’s campaign starts the way you might expect it to.

Visitors to his website sign up for a free email course on B2B marketing:

On the thank you page, he uses GoViral to offer a bonus resource in exchange for sharing the course on Facebook:

This is a classic—and super effective—strategy you’ve probably seen numerous examples of. It’s simple and it works.

It’s what happens next that makes this example truly unique.

At the end of each email in Andrei’s course, he asks subscribers to take an action in order to get sent the next lesson.

Sometimes it’s replying to the email. Sometimes it’s clicking a link.

Whatever the action, it’s something that helps him learn more about his subscribers. For example, at the end of the first email, he asks why you signed up for the email course:

Here’s where GoViral comes back in.

Rather than sending you to a boring ol’ confirmation page, each link goes to a GoViral page that lets you know the next email is on its way…and then offers you a free bonus guide in exchange for upvoting an article Andrei posted on GrowthHackers:

So far, the article that gets upvoted has been viewed over 1,700 times:


So not only is Andrei able to learn about and segment his subscribers by getting them to click links and answer questions…he’s also able to turn those clicks into additional valuable actions!

He does the same thing in the sequence’s third email, but with a twist.

First, he asks another segmentation question:

This time, the links take you to a GoViral page that offers another bonus guide in exchange for subscribing to Andrei’s podcast:

The button takes you to a simple page on Getleado where you can listen and subscribe to the podcast on various platforms:

So not only is he getting new subscribers to continue promoting his content after they sign up, he’s also getting them to engage with his platform in even deeper ways (like becoming podcast subscribers) right off the bat.

Awesome stuff!

You Can Create a Campaign Like This for Your Own Emails in Minutes

Head over to your GoViral account and select the “Viral Email” campaign.

It will walk you step by step through creating a campaign just like this example from Getleado.

– Bryan