The Ramit Sethi Formula: How to get a crap ton of email subscribers


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I was doing research today for one of our Epic Teardown post and came across an ingenious tactic used by Ramit Sethi. This tactic produced a crap ton of emails for his list, over 500 comments and several high quality back links. The 'Ramit Sethi' Strategy

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 The Genius Part

1. Relevant Offer We have all seen free eBooks scattered across the internet. However, there is one major problem with 90% of them, they are completely irrelevant to the blog post.

For example: In our Epic Teardown of a few weeks back we looked at how Pat used a non-specific opt in bribe to collect email addresses and how we could have conversion rate by at least 5% (probably a lot more) if he offered a download that was more specific to the content of the post.

In this example he wrote a post introducing a new podcast (love the idea), but then at the end of the post he drops the ball by offering a free download about writing eBooks.

Completely unrelated.


On the flip side, Ramit wrote a post about a ‘stupid test’ he ran that produced awesome results.

He then went on to offer an opt in bribe about….stupid test that have been successful.

Relevant? Check.

Quality Material? Check.

High Demand? Check.


2. He didn’t just give it away. After building up the suspense to the free eBook throughout the 650+ word article he asks you to do one thing to get the free eBook, give him your email address.

It’s a super small step but that one little thing drastically increased his conversion rate. Email is still the #1 way to build your audience and consistently drive traffic to your site.

That isn’t lost on Ramit.This is a tactic he uses over and over again on his site.

In fact he has 12 products linked on the header of his blog.

The 10 free product he offers require nothing but a…you got it…email address, to access.


3. Doubled Funnel Size by using Youtube Ramit has built up a sizeable Youtube channel.

With over 2 million views and 24,000 subscribers anything that Ramit puts on Youtube gets eyeballs.

He harnesses this built in traffic by making the landing page video public and viewable for anyone.


This is an advanced tactic that allows people to find this guide through Youtube, which just so happens to be the #2 search engine in the world.

Non-coincidently this ended being one of his most trafficked videos in 2012. Too often authors force their audience to find their content only through their blog.

By making the video public and putting it on Youtube, he opens up an entirely new traffic source.

This is what a typical funnel for his guide would look like:


However, through the use of in video annotations and above the fold external linking he was effectively able to double the size of the funnel through using Youtube.


With nearly 30,000 views you can bet that a sizeable portion of those people clicked through and downloaded the guide.

4. Use it Other Places Here is the best part of this formula.

All of the interviews needed to write the book could be used in countless other places as content.

  • Individual Brain Trust blog post
  • Podcast Episodes
  • Guides
  • Slideshare
  • and more

For example: BJ Fogg is a regular on Ramit’s blog. There is an interview with BJ and Ramit on Youtube where BJ discusses very similar strategies outlined in the guide.

There is also an interview with BJ inside of Ramit’s Earn1k program and the free members area of his website.

It is a perfect example of how you can use one piece of content in many different forms.


By repurposing this content all across his site Ramit has maximized his time and varied his teaching style to thoroughly reach his audience.

If you want a video. He’s got you covered.

Audio version. Check.

Written blog post? Taken care of.


1. Always look for ways to repurpose your content.

If you are writing a blog post, can you convert that blog post into a video?

Can you make it an email autoresponder series? Can you make it into a free mini-course?

2. Spend 15 minutes after you create the initial content piece to map out other ways to distribute it.

3. If you are using contributors to help yu build the content, like Ramit did, then ask them to link to you and spread the word.

4. When using other platforms, like Youtube or Slideshare, always be sure to link back to your landing page.

If you want a fully mapped out checklist of how we repurpose our content at Videofruit, check out the detailed guide I put together.

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