What happens to your email address when you opt-in to Videofruit (and the tech behind it)

Bryan Harris —  Bryan Harris - May 14th, 2014

On Monday Johnn Four asked about the nuts and bolts of my email system.


This is a topic that I love and something that is not talked about nearly enough.

So, I shot a quick video and wanted to share it with you as well. It walks you through:

  • What I do with your email address once it is collected
  • How I store and process that information
  • How I use that data to validate and launch future projects
  • The 3 pieces of tech that I use to set it all up
  • The actual numbers behind an opt in bonus I’m using right now

Here is my answer:

Video notes:

  • Ontraport: Email management system
  • Leadpages: Landing page and lead box software
  • Hellobar: Top of the site call to action software

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  • Derrick Horvath

    Nice video and explanation Bryan. I’m curious about the free membership section as well, much like my.copyblogger. Thought about if for my site but my concern is that with the added fields of asking for first, last, email, username and password that conversions would drop. However, Hubspots philosophy is that the more fields someone is willing to fill out the better the lead, so it’s worth considering.

    I ran facebook ads recently and put up a leadbox and just asked for email and my conversion rate was 40% and I got 275 leads for $1.27 per, which for my stuff seemed great. I’m hesitant to run a test and spend money with the membership login fields instead of a leadbox email, my thought is conversions would go down, but maybe they would be better leads than the 275 I have right now? I don’t know.

    Sorry for the ramble, nice post!

    • Good insights Derrick. That is definitely a consideration. I’ve come up with, what I think is a good way to do both (keep it simple yet still do membership for those interested). You’ll be seeing it soon.

  • Adam

    Hey Brian-

    We’ve talked before, when you first started out in the AppSumo group. I own the DailyDeals site in East Tennessee (SaveRightNow.com). I also have a digital marketing business with clients throughout the state, mostly restaurants and spas.

    Anyway I enjoyed your explanation here, I’m not familiar with Ontraport but I also noticed that you had Office Autopilot in the video but you didn’t discuss it. I think a lot of us would be interested to hear about your thoughts re Office Autopilot versus Ontraport or other similar type services. Or even just how you’re using Office Autopilot…

    • Thanks for dropping in Adam. Good question. I totally didn’t mentioned the Ontraport/Office-Autopilot issue.

      They are actually the same company 🙂

      Office Autopilot is going through a rebrand and the new name is Ontraport. Same software, different name. Clear as mud right?

      • Adam

        Ahhh… Very cool. So it’s literally the exact same software?

        I see they let you use and refund up to 3 months. I think I’ll sign up.

        Looking for robust CRM system to manage our DailyDeals customers to be able to do targeted offers for restaurant and spa clients outside of the DD arena…

        Would be nice if could import Rapleaf data. Also have been looking at rjmetrics

        • Yup, same thing. All new customers are going on the newer release which has some nice features. The 90 day trial and no setup fee got me started.

  • Thanks for the video Bryan. It’s gold I’m watching everything you do and learning heaps. Love your strategic thinking. 🙂

    What tools are you considering for your membership site? I’ve tried Premise from Studiopress in the past but found it fairly unwieldy to use. I’m looking for a good tool to do exactly what you described in regards to giving subscribers access to all resources without having to opt-in multiple times. I feel that’s a much better way of looking after them than making them give me their email over and over. I’m also hoping it will help to make them feel part of the community/club.

    • I’ll be using Ontraports built in membership functionality (Pilot Press). I really wanted to use Wishlist Member (the owner Stu is a great guy) but unfortunately it doesn’t play nice with Ontraport right now.

  • Johnn Four

    Awesome, thanks Bryan. You have a good system.

    If you migrate to a membership system, then I guess you’d query the member database against products purchased/downloaded to segment for email delivery and to analyze what you should spend more time on.

    I wonder if Zaxaa does this.

    Thanks again for answering my question.

    • Thats the great thing about Ontraport. It has a built in membership plugin. Everything seamlessly integrates into the same contact record.

  • Brian I noticed a couple of choppy edits in this latest video.
    What is the reason…? I mean… Were they purposeful?
    What is the conversion on videos that have simple mistakes vs no mistakes…? (The more human element.)
    Keep up the great work!

    • Ha, good eye. Honestly, I recorded the whole video and for some reason my sound completely cut out in two sections for 15 seconds or so. I was up against a deadline and didn’t have time to completely reshoot.

      I felt like the vid still got the point across and no content was really lost.

      One of my personal commitments each week is to “hit publish” twice. Rain or shine. 🙂

  • Bryan, just wanted to let you know I love your site and all the stuff you’re doing. I always look forward to your emails and posts. Keep up the good work my man!

  • coachroland

    Hi Bryan, love your site and your content. One thing: maybe it’s intended but starts to get a bit annoying…

    Clicked on several links inside posts and too often it’s asking for my email? e.g. Behind the scenes, Gary V. case study plus for the Download and more.. You got my email now 5x …(Free Course included). If this is a plugin, any chance that it could remember my email adress?


  • martinmessier

    Bryan, I have a quick question. I noticed you use LeadBoxes to capture email addresses, but I don’t have to do a confirmed opt-in every time I request a bonus. How do you make it a single opt-in? Is that a feature of your email provider?

    • It is dependent on your email service. I know mailchimp and ontraport both allow you to turn that off.

      Leadpages integrates idrectly with the API of Mailchimp which byapsses the double optin (if you want it to).

      • martinmessier

        For some reason, I didn’t think of that. I use GetResponse. Thanks for the tip.

  • AWESOME post, as usual. Always cool to see how others setup their systems.