What happens to your email address when you opt-in to Videofruit (and the tech behind it)

On Monday Johnn Four asked about the nuts and bolts of my email system.


This is a topic that I love and something that is not talked about nearly enough.

So, I shot a quick video and wanted to share it with you as well. It walks you through:

  • What I do with your email address once it is collected
  • How I store and process that information
  • How I use that data to validate and launch future projects
  • The 3 pieces of tech that I use to set it all up
  • The actual numbers behind an opt in bonus I’m using right now

Here is my answer:

Video notes:

  • Ontraport: Email management system
  • Leadpages: Landing page and lead box software
  • Hellobar: Top of the site call to action software

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