The “Automatic Referral” Partnership That Brought Nick True $18,000 in Coaching Sales

What if, every month, another business sent you $1,000 worth of coaching calls?

  • You didn’t have to lift a finger to attract these leads.
  • You never had to convince them to buy from you.
  • There’s no complicated referral fee or revenue share in place.

You just open your inbox and see a handful of brand new customers waiting to pay you your full fee for a simple, one-off phone call.

If it sounds far-fetched, you need to watch my interview with Nick True.

Nick is a personal finance coach who helps people with budgeting. 

Recently, he set up one of the coolest partnerships I’ve seen with a non-competitive business in his industry—and it literally generates his leads for him.

Over the past year, this “set-it-and-forget-it” partnership has added $18,000 in revenue to his business. And I’m DYING to see more businesses duplicate it.

That’s why I hopped on Zoom with Nick and got him to walk me through all the nitty-gritty details of how the partnership came together.

Check it out so you can discover how to duplicate his approach in YOUR business:

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In this interview with Nick, you’ll see:

  • How he gets $1k worth of coaching clients referred to him every month (without a rev share)
  • How you can identify similar “automatic referral” partnership opportunities in your niche
  • The surprisingly obvious reason why other businesses will happily send their customers to you
  • The simple “guest training” idea that helped Nick start the conversation with his partner
  • And more!


Here’s a Full Breakdown of the Partnership That’s Already Sent Nick Over $18,000 in Coaching Sales

You heard Nick talk about it in our interview, but now I want to break down all the pieces of this partnership so you can actually see what it looks like.

First, let’s look at how Nick’s business works so you can understand why this partnership made sense for him (and how it drives sales).

His Business: Mapped Out Money — Mapped Out Money is a personal finance website Nick uses to sell a variety of coaching services (both group and 1:1). His coaching helps people with budgeting and cash flow so they can use their money to build a life they love.

Here’s a look at the coaching packages and services Nick currently offers so you can get a feel for his business:

Nick’s 1:1 and Group Coaching drive 80% of his revenue, with each contributing around the same amount.

His Best Fit Client:

Nick’s best fit coaching client is:

  • In their late 30s to mid 40s
  • Has a couple of kids at home
  • Has a middle class to upper middle class income
  • Struggling with cash flow—they’re making good money but feel like it just slips through their fingers because of expenses
  • Can’t get a grip on why they can’t get ahead and save as much as they want

Sidenote: I love how clear Nick is on his best fit client. He didn’t even hesitate when I asked him about it. Rattled it off immediately. That is a HUGE help when you’re trying to think of potential partners for your business. If you don’t know exactly what your best customer looks like (and what they struggle with), how can you find other businesses with those customers in their audience?

Type of Partnership: Guest Training + Automatic Referral

This is really two partnerships, but—like we often see—the first partnership created the opportunity for the second one.

Let’s start with the Guest Training partnership.

Partnership #1: Guest Training

Nick partnered with a financial advisor who runs a company called Physician Wealth Services:

This was a great partnership fit for Nick because financial advisors serve his best fit customers in a totally different way. While Nick helps them with budgeting and cash flow, Physician Wealth Services handles their wealth and investments (not the day-to-day stuff).

In other words, they’re complementary (not competitive) businesses.

Nick approached Ryan (the founder of Physician Wealth Services) and pitched him on the idea of doing an online workshop about budgeting for his customers. He would teach them how to set up a budget, and scoop up a handful of warm leads and new clients in the process.

Wait—Why Did Physician Wealth Services Want to Partner with Nick? (Key Partnership Insight 🧠)

This is one of the biggest mental hurdles people have to get over with partnerships…

“Why would anyone want to partner with me? What’s in it for them? Do I have to pay them?”

If that’s you right now, listen up!

See, Ryan had noticed that a lot of his clients struggled with their day-to-day budgeting. In the past, he’d tried to get them to use a budgeting tool, but it never really caught on. Budgeting wasn’t necessarily a problem that made a whole lot of sense for his business to tackle.

At the same time, he wanted to be able to offer his clients a solution. Plus, if they’re managing their day-to-day expenses better, they’d likely have more money to invest.

So…why not just bring in someone who is already an expert in budgeting to teach his clients?

(AKA Nick.)

Nick’s teaching is the value. By lining up a free training on budgeting with Nick for his clients, Ryan gets to offer them help and look like a hero. Meanwhile, Nick gets to showcase his expertise in front of an audience full of his best fit clients—while someone they already trust (Ryan) tells them that Nick is “the guy” for budgeting!

It’s a massive win-win. And the Guest Training went so well it led to Partnership #2…

Partnership #2: Automatic Referral

Here’s where things get really interesting.

While Partnership #1 did attract some new clients to Nick’s business, it’s Partnership #2 that’s been the primary engine behind the $18,000 in client revenue he’s added over the last 12 months.

The Guest Training went over so well that Ryan now automatically sends his top-tier clients to a special 3-part budgeting training that Nick recorded for him. Then, they get a 1:1 call with Nick so he can answer any questions and fine tune things for them.

Each of those calls (which only take about 45 minutes) earn Nick $200. Which has added up to a little over an extra $1,000 in sales for his business every month since the partnership kicked off.

Here’s what Nick said about it:

“Now, I don’t have to generate the leads…Every month he just says, ‘Alright, we’ve got 10 new clients this month that all need calls with you. Here’s $200 a client.’ From that standpoint, it’s huge.”

Just like the Guest Training partnership, this Automatic Referral partnership is a win-win for both businesses. 

  • Nick gets a steady stream of paying coaching clients (without having to generate any additional leads)
  • Ryan gets to add massive value for his best clients, which helps him retain them (without extra work or outrageous expenses)

Never sell yourself short on the value you can bring to potential partners.

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