The exact sales funnel that Andrew Warner uses (and how you can do the same thing)

Ever listened to Mixergy?

If not, stop reading and go spend the next 2 days over there.

Andrew has interviewed EVERYONE in the online business world.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk? Check
  • Seth Godin? Check
  • Shark Tank lady? Check
  • Y-Combinator founder? Check

When you hang out with and talk to that many successful people, you can’t help but to have their habits and mental frameworks rub off on you.

Andrew’s new sales funnel
Note: Be sure to download the entire Mixergy sales funnel. Use it as a guide to improve your business. 

That is why I pay attention to everything that Andrew does.

Last week I visited his site for research on an article and saw an experiment that Andrew was running. I immediately diagramed it out and studied it.

It’s genius.

Here is the exact funnel he setup: 


Note: Instead of sending users to his normal landing page Andrew is now sending them to this new survey page (above). In place of a traditional opt-in incentive, this survey guides new visitors to answers to their exact problem.

This is still in testing mode for Andrew. So, if you visit his root domain you may or may not see it now.

He first gets a small commitment (radio button click) then goes for a larger commitment (fill out these three form fields). Perfect psychological insight.

This data allows Andrew to be more precise in his immediate response and follow up campaigns.



Note: After submitting the form, you are redirected back to the main site feed. I’ve found that my readers like having a “Thank You for Signing Up” page after filling out a form. I would suggest adding that instead of redirecting back to your main blog feed.

In this example Andrew could take advantage of a “Thank You” page by letting his readers know that he will be sending them an email with the interview that best suits them. That isn’t super obvious with his current arrangement.




Note: Immediately after submitting the form you will receive this email. It is short and to the point. It includes a link to a recommended interview that was based on your form submission.

The link is included in three separate locations. Very well executed.




Note: When you click any of the three links it takes you to this page. The interview was pre-determined by Andrew to fit the readers original request. Need more info on sales? Here is an interview on sales. Very personal and helpful.



Note: Several days after signing up you will receive this email. It’s a followup survey to gauge the helpfulness of the information. Notice the subtleties of what he did with this email. He didn’t ask for you to hit reply and fill out a long form or survey. There is minimal commitment. All you have to do is click the link that best represents your thinking.

Having a built in feedback loop is important. Andrew has tweaked, modified and even deleted portions of this funnel through feedback he has received with this form.

One big insight he had was that sending out an hour long interview was not the most the best way to approach. It was too big of a time commitment for people brand new to him.

Now he has setup a more gradual email sequence to introduce new subscribers to him and Mixergy. According to Andrew, this has produced better results.



Note: Once you click on any of the three links in the above email you are sent to a pre-populated form. If you clicked on the “Bad??!!” link, the form has that radio button checked.

He also allows you to leave a comment in a form field to further describe your experience.



Note: Once you have submitted your feedback form you are sent to a ‘Thank you” page.

One optimization that could be made here is to give the user a ‘next step’. A list of resource, interviews or popular posts would help move them along through the site and help them discover even more content.

What technology is he using?

Andrew used a 2 part software combo to execute this

1. Email provider: Andrew is using Infusionsoft for email collection and management

Infusionsoft is expensive, nice and fancy, but isn’t necessary. Mailchimp (Free) or Aweber ($1 per month) both have the ability to manage the exact same workflow.

2. Gravity Forms: The form itself is built inside of Gravity Forms.

It starts out at $99 per year and is a top notch form management platform. You could also use Jotform, it is free.

How can you use this in your business?

If you spend more than 5 minutes on any marketing blog the word ‘value’ is used at noseeum. Most people have no idea what that looks like in real life. This is an example.

Someone that comes to for the first time could easily be overwhelmed with 1,000+ interviews. However, by implementing this super simple survey Andrew is able to deliver legit value.

It’s helpful.

Helpful = Valuable.

How can you use this in your business? How can you be more personable and helpful? Let me know in the comment section below.

PS: I’ve bundled this entire sales funnel into a PDF so you can download it and study it when you are ready. Download here. download