48-hour List Building Challenge

Guess what!

Turns out today is not only the launch of my brand new course, Get 10,000 Subscribers (shameless plug), it’s also the TWO YEAR anniversary of Videofruit being in existence.


I’m going to put on my old man hat for a minute…

“It seems like just yesterday that this thing started.”

Seriously though, it’s nuts that 50,000 of you read this blog every month.

I’m truly grateful.

Thank you!

Want to see how it all started?

With this little Facebook post…


No huge launch. No fan fare.

I didn’t even have a website.

I just asked people to DM me if they wanted to learn more about something I was doing.

Super simple.

It doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

Making money from your list doesn’t have to be complicated either.

Three days after posting that message I emailed all 26 of my new email subscribers and asked them to pre-order my course on making explainer videos.

Guess what happened?

$800 in sales happened!

Want to learn how to

I’ll show you.

Join my brand new course, Get 10,000 subscribers

Reminder: The 15% off Fast Mover Discount will vanish tomorrow morning at10 a.m. CST.


One more thing…

I want to show you that there’s no reason you can’t start your business today.

So, I’m doing a 48 hour List-Building Challenge starting tomorrow. I’ll pick a topic, start a list, build it as big as possible and launch a product to that list by the end of day Friday.

Completely from scratch. (No using my existing list or traffic to help it along)

Would you like to see that? If so, leave a comment and let me know.

I have three topics in mind (all non-marketing related)

Topic #1: Hammocking in Nashville

Topic #2: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Topic #3: Yoga for Pregnant Women

Which would you like to see?

Let me know in the comments.