“Do you want to be employable in the next 5 years?” with Mitch Joel


It finally happened. The day has come. I’m old.

I remember when I was a kid and my grandmother would tell me about going down to the corner store and buying a candy bar for $0.05. I used to think, “Who cares?” and “You are old!”

Now I don’t think that. Now I get it. Why?

Because now I am telling the same stories. I remember when there was no Internet. I remember when my parents never got an automated call, email, text message and Facebook post when I was 30 minutes late for school. I remember when you didn’t have a computer guided GPS in your pocket at all times. I remember when if I wanted something from the store, I would have to go to the store (not order it off of Amazon).

The crazy part is I’ve only been out of High School for 12 years.

Things have always changed. Now though…now, they are changing at a rate never seen before.

What does this have to do with you, me and our business?

Just like life, if you don’t change the world will leave you behind. I remember when EVERYONE (over 16) made fun of Facebook. Come on, you know you did! I remember when EVERYONE (over 25) said texting was stupid. Now me and my grandfather text all the time.

If you don’t change, and adapt with those things, your business will die. You will become irrelevant and if you get fired, good luck finding a job.

Today’s video is about just that. Change.

Sit back and enjoy 🙂

(Note: Pardon the straight up book pitch in the video. I made this video for a client. You don’t have to buy the book, but I do recommend it, it’s good.)

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Facts and Stats to Tweet

  • “The world have changed” [Tweet]
  • “Do you want to be employed in the next 5 years?” [Tweet]
  • “Google’s advertising revenue is bigger than that of the entire U.S. print industry” [Tweet]
  • “2/3 of Apple’s revenue comes from products released after 2007” [Tweet]
  • “Amazon’s annual revenue is greater than half of the world’s GDP’s” [Tweet]
  • “More people have cell phones than half safe drinking water and electricity” [Tweet]
  • “200+ million tablets will be sold in 2013” [Tweet]
  • “14.3 trillion web pages are live on the Internet” [Tweet]
  • “23% of U.S. internet traffic comes from mobile phones” [Tweet]