I Raised My Price 10x and Business Grew 400%

Today, I’m going to tell you how I grew my business 400% by charging 10x more for my product.

It was 18 months after I’d launched my first real online course. That initial launch went well, but by the fourth one I was feeling utterly stuck. 

The entire business always depended on the next launch. There’d be a nice spike followed by six months of crickets. 

Planning felt impossible. Stress was high. 

And to top it all off, very few people who bought our course actually got transformational results. For every killer testimonial, there would be 9 people who never even bothered to access the freaking thing. 

It really made me second guess myself.

Am I a bad teacher? Does my course suck if 80% of people aren’t completing it? Should I even be selling this?

I knew the material worked. And it’s not like I wasn’t trying to make the course better, either. But no matter how much I tweaked it, added in accountability elements, features, more training…none of it moved the needle in terms of client success rates.

It was around this time that I heard a wild idea from my friend Grant…

He had recently replaced his course with a more hands-on, personalized coaching service. Instead of having pre-recorded, self paced videos, he delivered all the training live and provided more personalized support to every customer.

Oh, and he was charging 10x the price of the old course.

That was the part I just couldn’t wrap my mind around. It sounded insane!

I didn’t believe in a million years people would pay 10x the price for any kind of offer I could dream up—even if I showed up on their doorstep ready to be their own personal business butler.

But then Grant told me 3 simple things that eventually changed the way I think about my business forever:

  1. Every market and niche is saturated with products in the ~$200-$1,000 price range.
  2. All of those markets have WAY more people than you’d think who are willing to pay 10x for a more personalized experience.
  3. Finding one of those “10x people” is much easier than finding 10 people to pay the lower price. Plus, they’re more likely to “buy in” and get truly great results.

I was still skeptical, but thought it couldn’t hurt to run a quick test.

  1. I created a new tier of my course at 10x the price ($10k)
  2. Added more access to me for a defined period of time
  3. Added a custom execution plan 
  4. Sent one email to my list announcing the new offer

Within 48 hours, multiple sales had arrived.

My mind was officially blown.

And I was ready to go all in.

Of course, after the initial buzz had worn off, I quickly ran into a whole new set of problems:

  • The strategies that work for selling a high-ticket offer are much different than the ones that work for selling a low-priced course.
  • You can’t just send people to a sales page and expect them to buy.
  • You need an airtight followup process.

The good news?

These are all totally solvable problems—and none of them prevent you from having immediate success. To be honest, if I were starting over from scratch tomorrow, this would be the FIRST product I’d offer instead of starting with a course.

It’s officially 3 years later and, while I won’t say we never run into new challenges, we’ve definitely learned the answers to the biggest ones.

In fact, switching to this high-ticket model has led to 27 straight months of 6 figures in sales. 

Growth Tools’ yearly revenue has quadrupled. 

But best of all, now I LOVE what we sell and the results our clients get. 

Our success rate is 90%+ and we get more testimonials and wins than we can count. Literally every week, ~100 of our clients report life-changing amounts of revenue growth in their businesses.

It feels like we’re actually doing good in the world—not just making a buck.

But it never would have happened if we hadn’t mastered the art of high-ticket sales.

To celebrate, I’m going to personally help 15 business owners create and scale their first High-Ticket Offer.

This will be a select group of people who are ready to move fast, make no excuses, and get quick results.

How it will work:

  1. You’ll have a 1:1 call w/ me to kick things off
  2. My in-house high-ticket sales expert, Sam Hill (the guy I hired to create and run our program), will coach you through creating your offer, installing your sales funnel (no ad spend required), and setting yourself up to scale fast
  3. My team and I will give you a custom marketing plan to bring in a steady flow of new high-ticket customers
  4. You’ll get access to a Voxer mastermind where you’ll get direct feedback from Sam and me

Not only will you have a ready-to-sell offer (even if you’re starting from scratch), you’ll also have an “attack plan” to immediately generate leads and sales.

(And best of all, that plan will NOT require you to spend a dime on advertising.)

Interested in joining us?

Click here to schedule a time with my team and get the full details. <<<

Here’s what will happen next:

  • You’ll share a few quick details about your business
  • My team will contact you at the time you scheduled, gather more info, and run through a strategy session with you to see if you’d be a good fit
  • If there seems to be a mutual fit and you see the value in working together, we can talk about what it would look like to partner together to grow your business
  • And if there’s not a fit on either side, no worries or pressure at all! At the very least you’ll be getting free strategy and advice from my team that will help you along the way!

Here’s the link to schedule your call now.