Introducing the Growth Tools $100 Million Growth Counter

Every business needs a number.

I’m talking about the one metric that you can look at and think, If I make this go up…everything else will take care of itself.

For us, that number has evolved over time.

In the early days, it was email subscribers. Specifically, 75 new email subscribers per day.

The day I wrote that number on a whiteboard, everything in my business got simpler.

No longer did I have to wrestle with decisions. Any time an opportunity or tactic presented itself, I just had to ask…

“Will this help me hit 75?”

If so, I did it.

If not, I didn’t.

It was a beautiful thing.

Today, we base our decisions on a different number: new client revenue.

Specifically, our goal is to help our coaching clients add $100 million in new revenue to their businesses.

But we needed something a little more sophisticated than a dang whiteboard to keep ourselves on track. 🙂

That’s why we just launched our 100M Growth Counter. It’s a public page where anyone can not only see how much progress has been made, but also the individual client wins that have contributed to that progress:

The goal?

Keep ourselves accountable, be transparent, and remind ourselves that every decision we make should run through a simple filter: will this help our clients add more revenue to their businesses?

And, not gonna lie, it’s also just a fun way to brag on our clients!

It’s sort of a cousin to our Last Week’s Wins page—the place where ALL self-reported client wins are tracked (whether revenue-related or not):

Check out the new 100M Growth Counter and ask yourself a question: What’s YOUR business’s “one number”?

Maybe it’s a certain number of email subscribers.

Maybe it’s the exact amount of monthly revenue you would need to leave your full-time job.

Maybe it’s the number of courses you want to sell every week.

Whatever the case, we can help you make it go up—because our own success depends on it.

I’d love to show you the system we’re using to help our clients generate all the wins you see here.

It’s a clear-cut plan that doesn’t involve buying ads or working insane hours. The kind of system you can thrive under.

Book a free strategy call and our team will show you exactly what we would do to bring more revenue to your business.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click on the link to schedule your call
  • You’ll answer a few brief questions about your business, products, and goals
  • Our team will reach out to you at the scheduled time and walk you through what’s working for our current clients (and how we would apply the same approach to your business)

Our goal is always for you to walk away with 1-2 ideas you could implement in your business—whether you become a client or not.

So if you want to dedicate a small portion of time this week to getting free strategy and guidance on your business, go here to schedule a call now.

If you’re ready to execute, we’re ready to show you exactly what to do to grow.