“Figure it Out”: A Video Essay

I’ve noticed a trend…

… a really bad trend!

Something that has to stop TODAY.

See if you can spot it in this blog post comment:

See it?

Here is what is happening:

1. The commenter wants more traffic to his website.

2. The commenter read an article about how to get traffic.

3. The commenter saw a potential hang up with the strategy in the post

4. The commenter immediately started making excuses (instead of figuring out how to make it work for him)

5. The commenter failed in his mission to get more traffic.

Know someone who whenever they hit a problem in life they ask someone else to fix it?

Is that someone you? 🙂

If so, today’s video essay will punch you in the face and show you how to get past it and learn to “figure it out.”

If you know someone that needs to shut up, stop complaining and just “figure it out” – forward them this video (Twitter, Facebook or Email)

PS: What piece of advice would you give someone who is stuck and wants to give up? Leave it in the comment section below.