How to get 500 email subscribers in less than 30 minutes

expanded guest post header

Let’s get straight to the point…

Today you are going to learn a quick little formula to get 500 email subscribers with less than 30 minutes of work.

Sounds scammy right?

It’s not.

Quick review: Over the last two weeks you’ve learned:

But today, we’re going to take it to the next level.

Today I’m going to show you a strategy – that I’ve not seen used anywhere else – to 5-10x the effectiveness of a standard content upgrade.

It’s called the Expanded Guest Post.

What is an Expanded Guest Post

A typical guest post includes a by-line at the end of the article.

You write a helpful article and gets a link back to your site as a result.

Some people click it, most people don’t.

It usually looks something like this:

kissmetrics guest post
Traditional guest post on KISSmetrics

Notice what your eyes are drawn to in this example.

Did you want to click on the link to the authors site?

Did you feel compelled to click?

Did you feel like you were going to be missing out on something great if you didn’t click?

No, no and no

Personally, I didn’t even notice the link at first.

My eyes were drawn to the fancy looking “Marketer’s Guide to Linkedin” graphic below the related posts section.

The problem with a traditional guest post is the conversation stops at the last sentence. There is no compelling call to action and no incentive to start getting emails from you.

An Expanded Guest Post extends the conversation by building up suspense throughout the post and climaxing at the very end with a compelling call to action.

Take a look at an example (this is the closing section of a recent guest post of mine):

expanded guest post
Expanded Guest Post on Leadpages

Notice anything different?

Do you want to click the link?

In this example 503 people clicked the “Access Here” link and became Videofruit subscribers.

503 new subscribers!

From one freaking blog post (that’s insane).

Contrast that with a guest post of mine on the KISSmetrics blog that included no compelling call to action and received a measly 75 clicks and 15 new subscribers.

Want to learn how to do this?

Next week I’ll show you the entire process.

You’ll learn:

  • How to build up anticipation throughout your guest post
  • The entire 4 step process for writing your own Expanded Guest Post
  • I’ll share 3 more examples of this technique in action (so you can model and copy the framework)
  • Also, I’ll teach a quick bonus lesson so you can learn how to pitch your post and get it accepted nearly every time

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See you next week (Tuesday’ish)!