The ‘Detroit Joey’ Formula: Automated system to leave your new customers stunned


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Today I signed up for a monthly subscription and was blown away by what happened next. 

I’m going to show you the email, give you the exact copy and lay out a fully automated workflow that will allow you to implement this in your business. 

But before we get too deep in the details, here is the ‘Detroit Joey‘ formula. 



I am an information junkie. I am notorious for listening to podcast and catching up on Twitter……in the shower.

It’s a problem. I know.

I also run a small business. So, when I stumble across a site like Mixergy, or my latest obsession,, I can spend days listening their episodes. does something a little different though. They give you access to only the latest 3 episodes. Anything after that requires a paid subscription. Lucky for me , they sent a coupon for a 30 day trial.

Two days after signing up I received an email that completely floored me!


If you’ve been online for more than 2 seconds, you have received a ‘welcome’ email. It usually goes something like this….

Thanks for signing up with Rapleaf bryan manfisher com Mail

This is one I received today from Rapleaf. Most welcome emails suck and are rather pointless.

Nothing against Rapleaf, but this email blends in with others.

In less than a 40 words “Detroit Joey” from completely re-defined the welcome email. Here is the exact email I received from Joey, a marketing Intern.

You are seriously awesome bryan manfisher com Mail THE GENIUS PART

Let’s breakdown the email and see why it is so awesome and why I want to give them money as a result.

1. Personalized Video

First of all NOONE sends out personalized video. I’ve never encountered it in my 20 years of internet access. In the days of Prodigy and CompuServe bandwidth was an issue. Now, there is not good reason not to do it.

At first glance, I thought it might be a cookie cutter emails. But after examining it a bit closer it was apparent that this was something I had to read.

Welcome Bryan YouTube

I have seen other companies use one video over and over again in their outbound sales department or welcome messages. That is a nice little flair, but not exactly game changing.

But creating a video for each new sign up, that is special.

    • Tweets are easy to send.
    • Emails are simple to write.
    • Facebook friend can be bought for $5.
    • But a personalized video thanking me for joining your service? Awesome!

2. Title the Video with my Name

Anytime you paste a Youtube link in Gmail it automatically converts that link into a thumbnail at the bottom.

This does 2 things:

1) Takes up more real estate on the readers screen making it more likely that they will see it and watch it

2) Allows them to watch the video directly inside of the email without leaving. Again, making it more likely they will watch.  


You are seriously awesome bryan manfisher com Mail 3  

As I glanced down the email I noticed the title of the video on the thumbnail. I expected to see something like “Welcome to” or “Thanks for Joining.”

Either of these titles would have insinuated that it was a video that they send to everyone. Instead, it read “Welcome Bryan.” By titling the video with my name they gave it a personal touch and showed me that this was a unique video made just for me.

3. Keep it Short

The email is a 38 word work of art. It is to the point and doesn’t ask me to do anything. It wasn’t written on some fancy HTML template and he even used a nice font.

This makes it easy to read on my phone and there is no clutter and distraction to takeaway from his actual message. The email has one clear purpose, to tell me “Thank you!” 

4. He Tweets too!

Not only is “Detroit Joey” sending out these emails but he is reaching out on Twitter as well. After doing a little investigating, his personal Twitter timeline is covered in these awesome videos and personal @ replies to new members.

Two things of note:

1) This was being done from his personal account, not the main account. By doing this it makes his message more personal and the affinity deeper.

2) He does not use the same canned message every time. Everyone is uniquely written. A real human, recording real video and writing real Tweets.

Joey b JoeyB506 on Twitter 5. Call to action

The #1 focus of the email was to thank me. However, the end goal was to get me to engage in their community.

In fact, he brings up this call to action at two points. The first time is at the 10 second mark. Here he says to leave a message in the community to get help with my ‘growth hacking.’ Then directly below the video he leaves a clickable link that takes me to the community page.

Welcome Bryan YouTube 2


1. Personalized: In a world of merge tags and marketing automation, personalized stands out. Knowing a real human took time out of their day to do something nice for you is a great feeling.

2. Do things that don’t scale: Doing things that don’t scale gets attention. Don’t believe me? See This (35,000,000 views) or This (25,000,000+ views).

3. Thank you Joey: Here is my personal “Thank You” for a timely reminder of how awesome personal can be 🙂


I have implemented the “Detroit Joey” strategy into the Videofruit workflow. Every time someone signs up for my free training course, they now will receive a personalized video from me.

I’ve documented exactly how I have my workflow setup so it’s super simple and takes less than 2 minutes per video. It includes a flow chart, checklist, exact email scripts and a video walkthrough. Download it all for free below.

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