My mom’s COVID business

In this post, I’m going to share another simple business idea that you can start during COVID lockdown and grow to a $10,000 per month business within 90 days (even if you have no prior experience in this market),

You’ll learn:

  • Why this is such a great opportunity
  • How to outsource product creation
  • Marketing plan I’d use to grow it to $10,000 per month

Step #1: The Opportunity

Every reputable government agency has recommended that all humans were.

Naturally this has led to more people searching for “diy mask”, “masks” and “face masks” than at any other point in internet history.

And it’s caused the mask supply to evaporate. it’s impossible to find them.

Problem = everyone needs masks, but no one can find them.

Step #2: What’s the business idea?

The problem is clear. But what product or service can you offer to take advantage and help with this shortage?

Let’s brainstorm with these 5 questions:

  1. What online course could I create?
  2. What service could I provide?
  3. What resources could I create?
  4. What app could I make?
  5. What coaching service could I provide?

Here is what I came up with:

1. Create a $49 “Make DIY Masks That Look Good” online course. Something anyone could buy. Clear picture showing what they look like. Follow instructions and have a good looking mask!

2. Create a $49 per month subscription service where you make and ship me new masks every month. 3 in a box. Favorite sports team, different colors. Color coordinate. Help me not look like a goober. Make it easy. Take me money, please.

2. Create a mid-priced mask that looks good, fits well, and is easily washed. Price it around $49. Create multiple colors so people can coordinate (for the women). Colors and designs to match popular sports teams (for the guys). Keep it simple.

3. Create a 25 page eBook. Price it around $29. DIY Mask Guide. Simple. Concise. Easy to follow. Lots of pictures. 5 different ways to make masks. Ranging from easy to hard.

4. Create a free website that curates DIY mask makers on Etsy and other places. As well as DIY blueprints and supplies. Affiliate links everywhere.

5. Create a coaching service that allows people to pay $99 for a 15-minute consultation. Verifies their masks, gloves, and other PPE devices are set upright and make recommendations to improve.

Let’s narrow it down with these 3 questions:

  1. Which one of these ideas is the most exciting to me?
  2. Which of these could I legit help people with?
  3. Which of these could I make good money on?

My winner? $49 one time sell mask

The reason I picked this product is that it’s the basis for any other of the concepts on this list. Without first knowing how to make a good mask and get production up and going, I can’t write the book or make the course. After I nail production all other options are open.

Spoiler Alert: My mom picked this option and has made and sold nearly 200 masks. More on that in a minute.

Step #3: Making the product

Don’t know how to make a mask? Me neither.

Here is how you start your mask empire anyways:

  1. Find a picture of a mask you like
  2. Take it to your grandma (or local sowing expert – ask around on FB, no excuses)
  3. Have her make a prototype
  4. Make sure it’s good and fits well
  5. Make adjustments
  6. Finalize the prototype
  7. Wear it and make sure it fits
  8. Have a nurse friend make sure it’s good

Done? Good. This should take 2-3 days max.

After you sell 25 you’ll find all the things you didn’t know. Good. Have grandma make adjustments. Learn. Improve.

Now make more. Find more grandmas, boomers with sewing machines. Pay per mask.. Create an army of grandmas to scale up production. They are all bored out of their minds. Empower them.

Step #4: Getting your first 1,000 customers

You know this is a massive problem. You know everyone on the planet needs a mask. China is not exporting. Medical professionals are taking all the legit masks. But your army of grandmas and boomers with sewing machines are about to make a dent in the civilian demand for masks.

So, how do you get customers?

Phase #1: First 150 customers

Do exactly what my mom did. Post about it on Facebook.

She’s sold 189 masks @ $19 each in the last 14 days.
Revenue: $3,591
Material Cost: $150
Profit: $3,441

And that’s just one boomer with a sewing machine who misses her grandkids. Imagine if you tried to sell more and had an army of grandmas!

Here is the post that kicked it off for mom:

Then each person sent a picture of them wearing the mask:

Phase 2: First 1,000 customers

Here is my marketing plan for scaling to 1,000 customers (and starting the monthly subscription model):

  • Make a list of 100  neighborhood Facebook groups, mom support groups, and first responders
  • DM and email them all.
  • Give them a mask
  • Let them try it out
  • Those that respond, ask them to partner with you by posting in their groups
  • Give a few away in the group
  • Post pictures in the groups of everyone that buys

Reach out to 100, 10-20 will do it. Repeat every month. Work your face off. Within 90 days you’ll be at 1,000+ units sold per month

MAJOR problem solved!

ARMY of grandmas and boomers empowered!


If you want my team and I to personally help you start this business or help you grow yours, we run a 1:1 coaching program that does exactly that. We’d love to talk and work with you.

Schedule a time to talk over the details



PS: My mom is awesome. She’s donated dozens of masks to first responders. And has sold the masks for 1/5th of what she could get. I love her.