Client of the Week: Paul Kelly

What if you could get more sales from your next online course launch…

…while doing less work than you put into your previous launch?

You’d be surprised how often I see this happen.


One of our coaching clients, Paul Kelly, sells an online course called The Excel VBA Handbook that teaches people how to build software applications using Excel.

In the past, he would normally build his launches around a webinar + email sequence.

Solid plan, right?

At a high level, it’s a framework used in lots of successful launches.

But when we helped him map out a plan for his latest launch, we recommended something different.

Instead of focusing on the webinar (which took a ton of planning), put some of that time and energy into the email sequence.

The sequence itself is the asset we typically see have the greatest potential to swing a course launch’s results. Particularly when people structure it like this:

With only the sequence to focus on, Paul knocked it out of the park. His 3 warm-up sequence emails alone were jam-packed with more value than 99% of most webinars I’ve ever attended.

I mean, look at one of these whoppers:

If you’re someone interested in learning Excel VBA, an email like that is pure gold. And Paul’s warm-up sequence gave subscribers 2 of them.

“The key thing is to have emails with great wins for the reader,” he said. “Something actionable they can take away and get good results from.”

From there…

  • We gave him templates to follow the “Open Cart” sequence outlined above
  • He tweaked and adapted them to fit his course
  • He sent out the warm-up sequence followed by the 5-day launch sequence, no webinar included

(Sidenote: Want to see Paul’s full email sequence? We’re going to make it available inside our free email sequence tool, DripScripts, tomorrow. Go here to create an account if you haven’t already so you can get access when it goes live.)

The results?

Paul did $25,000 in sales of The Excel VBA Handbook, while doing a lot less work than his previous launches demanded.

“I found this was much more successful even though there was no webinar included,” he said. “It means there is a lot less work involved as the webinars take a lot of preparation.

Your Takeaway:

Webinars are bad and you should never do them.

Jk. 🙂

Webinars are great and something we often help our clients create and execute (in addition to running them in our own business).

But just because something works well for others doesn’t mean it’s your business’s fastest path to increasing sales.

In the case of Paul’s launch, that meant diverting energy from the webinar and putting it into reconceptualizing his email sequence.

That’s the value of having a second set of experienced eyes on your business (AKA a coach). A coach can help you identify these kinds of opportunities, give you the steps to take advantage of them, and hold you accountable to make sure everything gets done.

Here’s how Paul described the changes in his business since he became a coaching client earlier this year:

“My business was pretty good but I felt there was a lot of areas that could be improved. My signups have increased. I am converting more customers than before and sales are up a considerable amount. In fact, I did more sales in the first 8 months of this year than all of last year.

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