How to get to know any professional blogger (3 actionable steps)

Hearing the stories of Jonathan and Devesh over the last few weeks has been extremely motivating for me.

Two regular dudes.

Both hustling hard.

And both breaking through online by following the Santa Claus formula.

But here is the rub…

Many of you have tried to do the same thing and have completely failed.

I’ve noticed three specific failure points:

#1. You can’t find the email addresses of the people you want to pitch.

#2: You completely skip building relationships with your prospects.

#3. Your pitch sucks.

Over the next few weeks you’re going to learn how to fix all three of these problems.

This week I’m going to show you the simplest way to find the email addresses of major influencers and how to start building a relationship with them.

How to find any influencer’s email address (in under 90 seconds)

Before you are able to pitch someone, you have to be able to contact them. Email is the best way to do that.

But there are two problems with email:

Problem #1: Getting their actual email address

Problem #2: Getting them to respond to the email you send

Ready for the solution?

Here is what you need to do…

Join their email list and reply with your pitch to the first blog post you get.

That’s it.

Want to pitch me? 

Step #1: Subscribe to my newsletter.

Step #2: Reply to the first email I send.

Want to pitch Neil Patel?

Step #1: Subscribe to his newsletter.

Step #2: Reply to the first email he sends you.


You’d be surprised how effective this technique is. The email I sent to Neil resulted in over $30,000 of work with his company KISSmetrics.

But you’re not going to get results like that by being a spam-sending jerk.

What is a spam-sending jerk?

Spam-sending jerks send one-line emails pitching their services.

Spam-sending jerks think only about themselves.

Spam-sending jerks ask a large open-ended question to their prospects and get their email deleted.

How to send emails that create friends and don’t make people hate you

Raise your right hand and repeat after me..


Will not…

Be a spam-sending jerk.

Here are three things to do to avoid being a spam-sending jerk.

Tip #1: Don’t send lazy emails.

Don’t ask people to give you “feedback” on your blog post, app, idea or anything else. Ever.

Asking for “feedback” is lazy.

In fact, asking for anything in your first email is lazy and self-centered.

Tip #2: Don’t ask for anything.

The typical email I get asks me for specific advice. Asking for advice isn’t bad.

But if your goal is to get someone to hire you, the better approach is to start your relationship with a give instead.

(More on this next week.)

Tip #3: Be patient.

The mistake I see the most is being overly aggressive.

Wait at least 3 days between the time you pitch and the follow-up.

Sending an email every day for 5 days straight will get you ignored. Hated. And blacklisted.

Action Items

The goal of this lesson is to find your prospect’s email address and start the relationship-building process.

Your homework is threefold…

Action Item #1: Pick your service (if you haven’t already).

Action Item #2: Make a list of 10 people you would like to work with.

Action Item #3: Subscribe to each prospect’s newsletter.

Then next week I’ll help you write your first email to your prospect. And we’re going to get started on your first pitch.

Don’t skip ahead though.

Work on the three action items above for the next 7 days.

Ready. Set. Go.