My Friend’s 4-Step Plan for $10m in Course Sales Per Year

Recently, I spent 3 days with one of the smartest entrepreneurs I know.

Over the past 10 years, he grew his business from 0 to $100m+ in yearly revenue.

His formula:

  1. Create an online course
  2. Perfect a FB ad > webinar funnel
  3. Grow course to $10mm+ in sales
  4. Repeat on a variety of courses

The most impressive part? No one on his team had ever done anything like this. Practically no ad buying, webinar, or copywriting experience.

  1. They met every day for 60 minutes
  2. Went over new ideas, tweaks, and changes
  3. Implemented them
  4. Repeated for 6+ months

He recently sold that business and is starting another where he will use the same formula. As we were talking about it, he shared something I haven’t been able to shake.

His plan for the new company is to spend the next SIX MONTHS (!!) perfecting the ad to webinar funnel.

His plan:

  • Host a webinar every week
  • Buy FB traffic to that webinar
  • Tweak the webinar each time
  • Tweak the ads each time
  • Tweak the landing page each time

He will spend 99% of this time over the next SIX MONTHS doing nothing but this. Maniacally honing in every detail of the sales process.

Forget about the strategy piece of this for a second.

It doesn’t matter that most businesses don’t have the cash and team required to use this specific FB ad > webinar approach.

(In fact, we don’t even recommend buying ads as a primary growth strategy for 99% of our clients.)

Instead, think about the focus required to spend 99% of your time on ONE thing for six months.

I had never considered this level of focus.

I had never heard of someone having that level of focus.

I want that level of focus.

Most business owners I know either feel like…

  1. Their focus is split between a million different things, or
  2. There are so many things they could potentially focus on, they feel paralyzed

Out of all the approaches you took to growing your business over the last 6 months, what worked the best?

What would it look like if you spent just 1 hour per day focusing on doing more of that one thing?

What would it be?

What do you think would happen?

Leave a comment and let me know.