How to get a $3,000 monthly contract (with exact scripts)

Bryan Harris —  Bryan Harris - March 5th, 2014


The #1 cause of companies going out of business? Lack of sales.

The #1 cause of you not making more money? Leaving your day job? Helping more people?

Lack of sales.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to avoid that and land your first $3,000 per month contract.

I’ll do so by showing you something I am currently selling and how I am doing it.

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What I am trying to sell

Most of you know that Videofruit is a blog that teaches business owners how to use video to grow their business, but it’s also a services company. I work with a handful of businesses implementing the formulas that I write about on the blog.

Providing services does 3 things:

  1. Vets the formulas so they are not just some pie in the sky idea, but proven strategies.
  2. Gives me a fresh supply of new ideas and real world experience.
  3. Brings in good money.

One of the services I offer is a weekly video blog series.

Have you ever seen ‘Whiteboard Friday‘ by Moz? Like that.

Every week I make a new video blog post that is around 3-6 minutes long and is educational in nature. I started this 6 months ago and my first client was KISSmetrics.


And until now they’ve been the only client that I do this for. However, I would like to change that.

The big question is…HOW?

How I am doing it

Good ole’ fashion email. No twitter, no blog, no facebook, just email.

Here is my exact approach

Step 1: Make a list of potential clients

My target customer for this isn’t your average blogger but companies with at least $5-10 million in yearly revenue and are most likely ventured back. They update their blogs daily and are looked at as industry leaders in their field.

Basically, they need to be BIG on blogging and not scared of spending some money.

A months worth of videos can cost between $2,000 and $4,000 (there are quite a few variables).

I started with companies I already had connections to. Companies that I either did business with or followed closely.

I created a new note in Evernote a few weeks back and slowly kept adding to it over the last 2 weeks.


Step 2: I set a goal for March

Next, I set a goal for the month of March. I wanted to send out one new proposal every day for a month.

It’s not official until it’s on the whiteboard 🙂


With my list in hand and a goal set all I needed was something compelling to send my prospects.

Step 3: Prepare myself mentally

Past sales experience has taught me three main things

  1. When selling a high dollar product, spend MORE time on each lead and less time on getting new leads.
  2. Personalize your proposal as much as possible. People get pitched all the time! More Personal = More Response = More Sales
  3. Set a ‘NO’ Goal. Set a number of time you EXPECT to get told ‘No, I’m not interested’ before you get a ‘Yes.’ Whatever number you pick, multiply it by 10x.

I set my expectations at:

  • Send 20 proposals
  • Get 1 yes (maybe)

Step 4: The Proposal

Now its time to start sending proposals.

My plan was:

  • Create a custom video for each lead.
  • The video would be between 1-2 minutes
  • Send them a short email with a link to the vid
  • Tell them I can do one like this every week if they want

The style of video would be identical to what I use for KISSmetrics.

Here is the quick and dirty script I wrote the prospect:


Here is a screenshot of the video I made:


Here is the actual email I sent (click it for a larger version):


(since i’m still working on this prospect I’ve blurred out their info)

Step 5: Find an email address

Next I had to try to find the best person to email. My process was fairly simple

  1. Google the search term “CMO of XXX”
  2. XXX = name

When I found their first and last name I used this spreadsheet to generate a list of potential emails address.


Then I copy and pasted the entire list into Gmail and used Rapportive to help me identify the actual email address.


Step 6: Tracking the emails

Since these emails were coming unsolicited and from someone they didn’t know, I wanted to be able to see when they opened them emails and what links they clicked on.

This would allow me to accurately gauge when to send a followup email and when to abandon trying to contact someone and find a new point of contact.

To do this, I installed the free Chrome extension, Bananatag. It allows you to easily track your emails and see how they are interacted with.

Here are the email analytics so far:


4 of the 6 people I have sent the proposals to have opened them and half have clicked through to watch the video.

Does it work?

Short answer…YES!

Much better than I anticipated. I started doing this just a few days ago and I’ve already signed up one new client and have another that is in the ‘talking price’ stage.

If you want to do this to here are the main things you need to remember:

  1. Think Personal not Bulk.
  2. Spend time to develop a quality proposal that will catch their eye
  3. Do it over and over again until it works. Tweak as you go.
  • Antoine Bonicalzi

    Awesome man thank you!

  • Hustler! Nice work amigo. Motivates me to get off my ass 🙂

  • Christina

    Thanks for putting this together Bryan. I was just looking to create a better process for getting more clients–and I love the tip for Bananatag.

    • Totally share your results when you implement

  • Mon

    This is why you are awesome. This is totally baws and relates to my freelancing endeavors.

  • eugenehennie

    Bryan, this is great bro. I have been doing a lot of offline direct mail things. Was looking for an online technique to get more deals with. Pure goal bro. Thanks for creating great actionable content that REALLY matters. Toast to you bro.

    • What type of direct marketing have you been doing?

  • Pete Bruce

    another great post Bryan. But what if you don’t have ANY clients yet? Having KISSmetrics gives you the experience to know that what you do is good and valuable. How did you get KISSmetrics?

  • Richard Martindale

    Bryan – love this post and the tips you put in here. I’m currently doing a lot of new business development, and the principle of making it personal really hit home. I love the Bananatag extension idea too. I’ll let you know how my prospecting goes. Thanks for the great content.

  • JK

    Great stuff Bryan.

    Like the bit about preparing yourself mentally. Often under-appreciated.

  • I agree with Carlos. This is hustling! In fact, the process is very similar to how I used to go about finding high net worth individuals as a junior stockbroker in the late 90s. But nobody gave me an amazing spreadsheet to create email address alternatives 🙂 or told me about a Rapportive-like service — no biggie, since there were few people with email addresses then anyway. It was me and the phone book (remember those?).

    My goal in cold calling was to make 6 calls (where someone answered) per hour, every hour. And I expected to get 1 “yes” every 3 hours. Persistence pays off, as does a thick skin — exactly as you point out, Bryan. And the cool thing was… after a year of that crap, people started to refer business to me and I could stop doing so much cold calling. I expect the same will happen here, albeit in less time.

    Being able to include a name like KISSmetrics certainly gives you instant credibility, but I have a feeling your prospecting video — being nicely tailored to the prospect — would be equally as effective.

    The only issue I see (and I had to dig here) — and I may be noticing because I’m married to kickass conversion copywriter, Joanna Wiebe — is your spelling in the prospecting email. I assume it’s only an example and that you’d spell check prior to hitting send. Silly spelling errors may signal to your prospect that you’re cranking shit out and don’t care to pay attention to detail… and that you might not in your video, either.

    Amazingly helpful post, Bryan!

  • Great post Bryan! The mental preparation point vibes so much with me; once you aim higher, number-wise, in the sales area you focus less on numbers and more on making an impact wherever you show up.

    Thanks for the awesome share.

  • Aaron Hughes

    Bryan, fantastic article. Question for you: are you researching and creating the video content yourself, or are you adapting the video from a post already published on the client’s blog? Thanks again!

  • How did you create that “smart” spreadsheet that generates e-mail addresses?

  • Efi Mavridou

    Fantastic article! Real hustling..

  • Karen W

    The Excel sheet alone is priceless, thanks for sharing!

  • This is really, really good. #LeadGenOnABudget

  • Love how you used Rapportive to find the correct email

  • Bryan – I’m curious to know what your follow-up process is. If someone clicks on your video link but doesn’t contact you what do you do next? If you send them another email message what do you focus on in the email message? What is your follow-up process? Perhaps you could provide an example of a follow-up email message that you used that converted a prospective client into a customer.

    • I don’t spend a ton of time on people that aren’t interested.

      Normally If they open the email but don’t respond I’ll ping them 10 days later. If that doesn’t work I’ll try to submit the same email to a different lead at the same company. If after trying to contact 3-4 people I get nowhere. I’ll just back off.

      A lot of that can be fleshed out on the front end by targeting the right companies.

  • Thank a million! I love your blog 😉

  • Mike Bonadio

    Great stuff Bryan. You might argue that this methodology performs better than scaling/bulk since the conversions will be so much higher. I love the idea of targeting potential clients specifically instead of just working with anyone under the sun. Thanks again.

  • Amazing post Bryan! For those who hates prospecting we suggest to use our services. We will
    help you to get highly targeted prospects every week. More at

  • Hey Bryan, amazing post and worth its length in pure gold. A quick question:
    How would you go about pitching an entire explainer video to a prospect? So far I have prepared a detailed powerpoint presentation (Devesh style) for my cold lead, which contains a conversion analysis of their website and gives them some tips on how to raise it specifically for their site. I then go on to say that the most effective conversion tool would be a custom explainer vid with a strong CTA on their website. If I follow your formula should I create a sample explainer vid for each lead (which would be quite expensive to do)?
    Thanks for your feedback in advance.

  • Love this strategy – but it seems like Rapportative has slowly gotten less and less reliable. Seems like I’m not alone here:

    Has anyone found a reliable replacement? I’ve tried a few, and none have the old functionality of showing verified emails when copied from the Email Permutator.

    • Checkout Full Contact. That’s what I’ve been using lately.

  • Travis Johansen

    Is this still a strategy you’d recommend? Did you switch to a more bulk / higher volume tactic to gain a higher ROI on your time? I’ve heard from internet marketers to basically start with a larger list to generate a niche list of potentially interested people and then spend the time on the second round of people. You could do that by as easily as just checking who opened your email or clicked on a link – then followup with them with an even more personalized message?

    New to the whole cold internet lead generation thing 🙂 I’ve tried the personalized video tactics on a small list of people I’d met at networking events and nobody even followed up and only a handful even opened the email. Did the followup and they just never went anywhere.

    Curious to hear what your thoughts are now looking back over time and to see what you learned since then!

    Travis –

  • Thanks for agreat article and video!

    As for me, I think that properly written sales copy makes 80% of success. That’s why I thought what if I launch a free online service that would improve sales emails manually? If you’re interested, feel free to try:

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    Brian Dean linked to you from his AMA on ( Glad I found this. It’s inspiring.

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    Great post Bryan – cold emailing is really tough, but you give us all hope 🙂

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