Try these 3 new tricks to jump-start your stagnant email list

Raise your hand if you’re frustrated with how fast your audience is growing.

<C’mon, raise it.>

Why is that?

Why have other people broken through, rapidly built their email lists and launched products, yet you are still floundering?

Here is why: Because you are doing the same ol’ outdated strategies that worked in 2012 but don’t work today.

The same lame guest posts on the same 10 “influencer” blogs.
The same lame blog commenting strategy.
The same lame round-up posts then emailing me to tell me to share it.
The same lame procrastination technique of “redesigning your website.”

Stop doing what everyone else is doing.

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Think of it like this: Imagine you’re a 35-year-old dude (ladies, stick with me). And let’s say you and your wife just had a kid. (Funny story, we had our first a few months ago. He’s adorbs.) And let’s pretend that you FINALLY get your very first date night together.

The babysitter is lined up. Friday night is your oyster.

And you go the lame route. You do what every other stereotypical American couple does on Friday nights: you go to dinner and a movie.

Would it be fun? Meh. Maybe.

Would it be memorable? No.

Would your wife be impressed? No.

Would any “extracurricular activities” occur afterwards? Negatory.

It was boring. Non-creative. And predictable.

Your audience growth is the same way. If your list-building strategy is a carbon copy of what 100,000 other bloggers are doing, your results will suck.

You have to have a little creativity. A little imagination.

You need to stop doing what everyone says you need to do and start paying attention to what’s actually working.

What are some unique and unconventional strategies you can use?

If you want more traffic and a bigger list and to have your first massive product launch… look for the fringes.

Look for the strategies that are working but that no one is talking about and do those!

(Instead of taking your wife to dinner and a movie, go here.)

What are those strategies? Glad you asked!

Over the past 2 years we’ve been testing countless list-building tricks and strategies (over 100 in total). Some of those strategies used to work really well, like guest posting. And some are just over-hyped crap that need to be discontinued from the internet (like commenting on a bunch of blogs).

But the only way for you to know what works and what doesn’t is to wade through the countless blog posts and podcasts out there on list building.

And that takes way too much time. It’s taken us over 2 years(!!).

So, in preparation for the upcoming Get 10,000 Subscribers enrollment (2-ish weeks away) the team and I have analyzed what’s been working for us and our clients this year. 2016.

What we found was super interesting…

There are 3 strategies that are working like crazy right now. So I wrote a detailed breakdown of each strategy, showing you what it is and why you need to use it. Then I shot a video for each strategy, showing you how to implement each one.

Then we got our good buddy Iker to design it all up into one short, sexy and compact PDF Strategy Guide just for you.

Click here to download your copy now.

(You can also click the snazzy picture up there ^^^^ to get a copy.)

The e-book will be up for the next 10-ish days, so grab your copy now.

After that it’ll be coming down and we’ll transition to the enrollment of 10ksubs. (Pumped to share some awesome content around this for y’all!)

PS: What is the most unorthodox list-building strategy you’ve seen? Share it in the comments below.

We’ll pick the best comment and give you an all-expenses-paid scholarship to our premium list-building course, Get 10,000 Subscribers (worth $1,200).

To Enter the contest

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