2015 Online Business Bad Lip Reading

Bryan Harris —  Bryan Harris - February 20th, 2015

Want to know how to fail?

Work on two big projects at the same time.

I’m in the middle of doing just that (a new course and a new app).

I love it, though. The grind. The work. The building.


You have to stop and have some fun.

Or else you’ll look up 3 years from now and hate what you do. And that sucks.

So, today…

While I’m in the middle of grinding out these two projects, I made something that will force you to smile–and have fun.


The thing that got me into online business 3 years ago was watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s Web 2.0 talk from 2008. It was incredible.

Seeing people that have “made it” talk about their journey and teach others how to do the same thing, it’s freaking motivating. And it gets me through big projects like this.


I had some fun and put together a special compilation of some of my favorite clips. But with a little twist.

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  • Haha! Bravo!

  • Hahaha awesome! This made my day

  • Leslie Boerner Beccard

    $10 says any subject line Gary V in it skyrockets your open rate! haha – Love this Bryan, laugh-out-loud awesome!

  • Ahahaaa, jabooty

  • Hey, I don’t know if it’s just for me or not but the share facebook button isn’t working.

    • Should be working now. Freaking wordpress 🙂

      • You want it to share the youtube video directly instead of the blog post?

        • either way. just share that baby 🙂

          Thanks Jason

  • Oh.my.word. That is HILARIOUS!!!

  • Very funny Bryan— counted three belly laughs from me, the wacky hugging was maybe the best. You should do more of these! (Not like you’re busy or anything)

  • #Epic

  • Christine Niles

    Oh, i needed this. Anyone know a porcupine delivery service in Franklin? Jeff needs one of his own, i think….

  • HA! That’s funny stuff!

  • I’m in tears watching this. It’s incredibly brilliant and well done. HA! love it. Make more.

    • Thanks Seth! 🙂

    • David Hutcherson

      I’m with Seth. Give! Us! More! Really good and funny.

  • dchild

    Glad you took the break…

  • Jim

    Incredible! Did you do all the voice overs??

  • Lan


  • William Cosentino

    Quite possibly the best freakin bad lip reading vid I’ve seen LMAOOOO!
    Nice work Bryan.

  • Bryan

    This is very, very good – laugh out loud funny 🙂



  • Alexander Bakus

    Bryan, share on FB leeds me to clicktotweet 🙁 I’m manually copy pasting it, too good not to share 😛

    • Ha, sorry about that. Should be working now 🙂

  • Derrick Horvath

    Pat Flynn talking about his bowl, lmfao. Did you do the voice over? Doesn’t even sound like you.

  • Nathan Rofkahr

    HaHA The hug part with Noah is priceless. “oohh I’ll hug youuu” AMAZING.

  • Hahahahha, thanks for making this!

    Great way to end a heavy work week & start the weekend.


  • Andrew Medal

    Lamo… dude. This is so GOOD.

  • Hilarious Bryan!! Well done man!!

  • Awesome job!

  • Tom

    haha, well done. i love redubs!!!

  • earcandyclub

    laughed several times!

  • Brian Dean

    Love this, Bryan. Very funny and well done.

  • bwahahahahahhaa! Classic.

  • Nice work