Vertical Experiment: How to 10x the Potency of Your Emails and Ads

Many companies have done this, I never have…

Attack verticals!

Here is what I mean:

  1. Identify your best fit clients
  2. Find sub groups of those best fit clients
  3. Market to the sub group


  • At Growth Tools we sell a 1:1 coaching service to course creators and coaches
  • Our best fit client is a coach and course creator doing $50-100k per year
  • 15%’ish of our best fit clients are personal trainers

What if instead of leading our emails and ads with:

“Want us to help you grow your course and coaching business?”

We instead led with this:

“Want us to personally help you create a $10,000 per month Zoom-based personal training business in the next 90 days?”

2 things would happen:

  • Thing #1: The ad focused on the personal training vertical would have 10x the potency of the general ad.
  • Thing #2: As we attract more personal trainers as clients, we would get even more effective at coaching them. With more exposure, we would learn the small nuances that make personal trainers’ marketing engines get going faster and more efficiently.

We could then repeat this in multiple industries:

  • Marriage counselors
  • Executive coaches
  • Sales coaches
  • Drop ship / Shopify / Amazon course creators
  • Freelance designers
  • Mindfulness teachers

Attack the verticals!

Another example:

  • My friend Grant runs The Speaker Lab
  • They teach aspiring speakers how to get booked and paid to speak
  • 15%’ish of their best fit clients are in the medical field and want to get booked at healthcare conferences and trade shows (I’m making this part up…don’t yell at me, Grant)

What if instead of leading his emails and ads with:

“Want us to help you get booked and paid to speak?”

He instead led with this:

“Want us to help you get booked to speak at this year’s top healthcare conferences for 2x your typical rate?”

You get the point.

Obviously, there is some stuff to figure out in terms of targeting. If you want to go after the personal trainer vertical, you need to make sure your personal trainer messaging isn’t leaking into other segments of your customer base.

That’s why we’re going to try this with a small test before the end of the year.

Stay tuned for the results.

And if you’re interested in attacking verticals, leave a comment below with one vertical you think you might want to go after.