Why things take 100x longer than you think they should

Bryan Harris —  Bryan Harris - June 3rd, 2016

I hate grocery stores.

I mean, how am I expected to ever find a can of beef broth in an endless sea of food products?

Is it with the canned foods on aisle 5 or is it with the more liquidy stuff like orange juice and cottage cheese on aisle 37?


My theory = there is a special mysterious hidden aisle of unfindable grocery store products where they keep stuff like my wife’s favorite lemon cracker cookies, beef broth and angel hair pasta. Because for the life of me, each time I have to go to the grocery store I spend 45 min. crisscrossing every aisle, looking for one freaking little item.

Then eventually I give up and start crisscrossing the store looking for the punk 21-year-old stocker to ask him where my hidden items are. But usually that’s a failure too.

Maybe he magically appears to ask if I need anything, but when he senses me coming to ask a question he disappears to the hidden aisle of hard-to-find items too?

At first…


It’s the only logical explanation.

You know that graph floating around the internet which every motivational blog post written after 2010 includes in their article?

The one that shows what people think success looks like on the left side (straight arrow of ascent) and then a scribbly mess of an arrow on the right?

This one…


It’s a total load of crap. It’s captioned all wrong.

This is what it should say…

But then the other day a crazy thing happened.

Stacy called me while I was at the store and I immediately violated Rule #1 of the Grocery Store Handbook™:

“Never ever ever under any circumstance answer the phone from your spouse while at the store. Nothing good comes from this. You’ll be asked to get stuff that is stored on the hidden aisle, you will become frustrated and some poor grocery store attendant will catch the brunt of your frustration. Don’t. Answer. The. Phone.”

But I answered it. More of a reflex than anything.

And she asked me to get something… something I didn’t know the location of: Baby Motrin.


I thought to myself, Self. We got this. We can do it! We can find Baby Motrin!”



I couldn’t.

I failed.

I ended up having to stand in line at the pharmacy for 15 minutes until the nice fella behind the counter could come out and show me the secret hidden aisle.

Turns out there was no secret hidden aisle. The Baby Motrin was sitting on an ordinary shelf in plain sight. I had walked by it at least 15 times in my mission to locate it, but I never saw it sitting on the shelf

Then something crazy happened that blew my mind.

A week later I was at the store again and Stacy texted (Sneaky! This isn’t in the handbook!) and said we needed more Baby Motrin.

My reaction = !!!!

I got this!

I knew exactly where to go! I had been there before!

And in less than 45 seconds I had completed my mission!

Point is…

  1. There is no hidden aisle.
  2. The first time you do something, it takes 100x longer.
  3. Know that. Understand it. Lean into it.


Building a website for the first time? It will take you FOREVER.

Second time? It’ll be child’s play.

Writing your first book? It will take FOREVER.

Second time? 10x quicker.

Pitching your first-ever guest post? It will be HARD…and take FOREVER.

Second time? Wayyy faster.

Getting your first 1,000 email subscribers? It will be hard.

Your next 9,000? Much easier.


We had that drawing wrong. This is what it looks like.

[image - first time = crazy, second time = direct path.]

What are you in the middle of doing for the first time right now that’s driving you mad? Share it in the comments below.

I’ll start by sharing mine…

  • Currently getting paid advertising is harrrrrddddd for me. I’ve been working on it for 6 months. And it’s still inconsistent and feels like we’re right where we started.

  • trying to find the ‘right’ product to launch b/c of a scattered audience…

    • what topic are they most interested in?

      • it’s creativity, but i also recommend a lot of fiction etc, so some ppl are readers, others are creators

  • Brady Chatfield

    Your grocery journey rings true for me. Usually it’s some weird baking ingredient my wife wants that is NOT in the aisle with all the baking stuff. We recently spent about 180 hours making a Facebook quiz. You know, one of those “viral” shareable things that takes less than 2 minutes for someone to do and share.

    • Been there. Frustrating. Bright side = youre done!

  • Jenna Compton

    Hey Bryan, just read this post per your shout out in webinar (which was really great BTW – thanks for doing it!). We’re struggling with getting people to opt-in to our lead magnets. It’s hard to know what’s wrong: design? Copy? Just not enough traffic?

    But, yeah…it’s kinda driving me mad

    • Whats your conversion rate right now? Link to the magnet?

      • Jenna Compton

        Well, we have several so I’ll give you 2 examples. Here’s link to one (1/2 scroll popup) that’s converting at 0.7% https://bluestout.com/blog/spree-vs-solidus-ecommerce-platforms/. Here’s one that’s converting better: https://bluestout.com/blog/grow-your-ecommerce-revenue-5x/. The thing is traffic to our blog is very low, so I feel like we’d have more opt-ins if we had more traffic. What would you prioritize? Traffic or current opt-in rate? (Currently focusing more on trying to build traffic…)

        • Dominik All-in Harman

          Hey Jenna,

          Do you have standalone squeeze page? If not, go and create one and drive traffic there.

          For the timed pop-up – do you need their Name? From my experience, it lowers the conversions.

          I would simplify the wording:

          “Download Our Guideto 5X Your Ecommerce Company in 36 Months
          Our Next Level Revenue Guide is a step-by-step PDF with expert growth strategies from 4 industry professionals. They’ll tell you exactly how to improve your conversions and reach your next revenue level.”

          I would change it to:

          headline: 5X you E-commerce

          body: 4 industry professionals share their best strategies. Just type-in your e-mail and we´ll send you the FREE step-by-step guide

          For the second post, I would do this:

          Instead of

          “Want more information about Spree?
          Sign up for our newsletter and get updates on ecommerce platforms like Spree, Solidus, & Magento, and more delivered directly to your inbox once a week!”

          I´d do this:

          headline: Master the Spree for FREE

          Get our TOP 5 tips and tricks for mastering Spree (also works for Solidus, Magento and every other e-commerce platform). Straight to you inbox. Once a week. No spam. Just type in-your e-mail below.

          (then obv you´d need to create the 5 part autoresponder series w/ tips and tricks YOU ALREADY SHARED in your older blogposts, courses, etc. you can link to these posts in the welcome series and increase overall traffic aswell)

          Hope that helps.

          Tell me what you think 🙂

          Have a nice day,


          • Jenna Compton

            Hi @dominikharman:disqus ,

            Thanks for the thoughtful feedback – I think I’ll give a couple of your suggestions a shot!

            The “Master the Spree for FREE” one is kinda funny (I see what you did there…) – I may tweak to just “Master Spree for Free”.

            Good ideas! Thanks again!

  • Bryan,

    The hardest thing for me right now is ranking on SERP. I’m starting to realize that it can take months for your posts to rank and I am only serious about SEO for 3 months until now.

    I absolutely love this post. It’s very short but proves a point that most of us missed. We tend to think what’s hard now will be hard tomorrow, but once you learn the ropes it’s bound to get easier.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Do you follow Brian Dean at all?

      • Yes, Brian is very inspiring. My problem before was that I wasn’t doing any decent keyword research.

  • Trying to put together tech (sales pages, payment buttons etc) for a course to teach people Excel (yes the spreadsheet, geeky stuff ;))

    • that can be painful. what plaform are you using?

      • Using WordPress. Would you suggest of any course creation plug-ins? I have all the course material ready.

        • ZippyCourses and WPcourseware would be the two I’d start with.

          • Thanks Bryan, I think you got up and got started with replying to comments 😀
            I was thinking of Zippy Courses but will check out WP Courseware too!

  • Sarah Moore

    Grocery shopping is easy since I downloaded the grocery store app! But what is hard is figuring out how to reach people that might be interested in my product and getting them to sign up for the email list.

  • Launching my first online course has taken me a lot longer than I thought (and longer than all the gurus say it will!) But I’m right on the cusp of automating it now, so feeling excited.

    • Ship that thing! Got a link you want to share?

  • Ashley Marshall

    So I am one of the primary Infusionsoft partners in the UK and I got this super engaging and well written email this morning that just stood out and made me want to read on – I get hundreds every day due to being on all the IM mailing lists and those of my clients – yours stood out as it told a great story and its now on my list of training artefacts as an awesome sales letter that sold nothing but the engagement – just the way its meant to be – I am sure you will send me the occasional sale but the effort towards content was awesome… Thank you

  • Tooo many Decisions!! What To Do First? What Is My direction with 30 + niche sites. What to monetize?? How to get subscribers??

  • The thing that seems to be taking waaayyy longer than expected is creating the ads I use when running paid traffic. In my head it should take 5 minutes… it’s taking me much longer than that though, lol

    • One thing I’ve found to work well is to look at analytics.twitter.com and notice your highest preforming posts. Use those as ads.

  • Celina Wong

    Currently I am trying to get guest blog posts and reaching my first… 100. And THAT is proving to be such a challenge.

    Gotta remind myself that’s how it is though. It does take longer just because you are learning every single nooks and corners!

    • First 100 subs? Or publish 100 guest posts?

      • Celina Wong

        Whoops! I meant 100 subs, hehe. One day, maybe I’ll make it to 100 guest posts too! :p

        • haha, love it! where are you at now? what strategies are you trying?

          • Celina Wong

            I recently just gained my first 12 followers (woot! I hit the 10 followers mark, haha). I am actually using the model student tactic that you and another student of yours (Alp Turan) recommended. I am seeing consistent replies from influencers, but still taking my time to really secure those guest blogging and podcast opportunities. 🙂

            Thank you so much for getting back to these comments! There is a lot of them!

          • Carrie

            Exactly where I am! I have about 20 people on my mailing list, but they were clients I already served before trying to grow. Working on my first article content and starting the “testimonial hack.” Trouble is, I don’t think my market is hanging out where my testimonials are!

  • Loma

    I am designing, advertising (on a church budget which is pretty much ZERO), inviting, and keynote speaking at a four hour conference. The content is based on my book, THIS NO ONE and the goal is to get 200 hurting ppl to come listen to encouragement designed to bring them a few steps out of their heartbreak toward healing! Involves radio, print and web ad/registration design. (Linking a page on the hosting church’s site to my site…oh but first I have to get a form on page on my site where they can pre-register for the event…) Oh did I mention it’s in Atlanta and I live in Central Florida?? Oh and it’s all going down in 3 1/2 weeks!

    • That’s a big goal! How many spots do you have filled right now?

      • Loma

        Probably about 25! BUT, in 36 hours I’ve finished the graphic design, the website registration automation and have contacts for some possible free radio airtime (interview as a Christian author). We have also finished professional recording of two radio ads (we have a large home church with some resources we could tap).
        Now, to get the word out in 3 weeks to fill the seats! Any further suggestions??

        • Are the churches promoting it to their groups? How are they promoting? I’d def make sure they email on it.

  • giannaraefrenchkordatzky

    Working on finding clients who want to sponsor our site. Uff-da. This is hard work.

    • Sponsorships are tough. What are the stats on the site? Might be able to help.

  • Kelvin Scoon

    Brilliant story telling. Your supermarket experience is exactly mine. In fact I think it is universal. So I kept wondering what was the point of telling a story that most people lived. Until I came to the reversal of the drawings.
    Building my first eCommerce store is my current experience. I can now rededicate myself to getting the job done, secure in the knowledge that it will be a lot easier in the future.

  • Writing a novel

  • Brandon Person

    Writing my book. Building my website through the squarespace platform. I’m thinking should be easy enough. Easy? Probably. Tedious? Time consuming? Heck yeah.

    • Have you ever used Squarespace before? Need any pointers there?

      • Brandon Person

        YES SIR. Sure do. Id love that. Especially since I know that you know what you’re doing. Thanks. All the best

  • Jane Atkinson

    Trying to focus on the ‘one thing’ at the moment so I can put all my time and effort into building an audience and then delivering what they want/need. By the way Brian I hate to rain on your parade, but supermarkets regularly move stuff around creating the feeling of the mysterious hidden aisle because they don’t want you to go straight to what you’re looking for, they want you wandering around searching so that you see and hopefully buy loads of stuff that you didn’t go in looking for ;-p

    • Ha! I knew it! Bunch of jerks! 🙂

      What is your one thing?

      • Jane Atkinson

        Ha that’s a good question and I’m not sure I have a good answer, but it’s a truthful answer. My one thing is video marketing. Creating and ranking/promoting videos for local business, plus reputation video marketing predominantly. It’s a new biz and getting traction in the market is taking some time. Since finding you guys I’m also focusing on building a list but I have to admit I’m not doing it very well, my fault, not yours. I haven’t reached out to my inbox because they are either friends who are supportive, but have no interest in my biz in so far as needing my services, or they are established IM folks such as yourself who again are either already doing what I’m doing or doing something completely different. I have a lead magnet on my site, but no traction there so far, so it must be the wrong type of offer, however I’m struggling with what the right type of offer is for my audience to be honest. So there you have it.

  • Mitch Powell

    Running a “Pin & Win” contest and getting the Facebook ads right. I can’t tell if the retargeting pixel is in the right place, and whether I’ve selected the right custom audience. And reading the insights (stats) at Pinterest, Facebook, Constant Contact, and ShortStack to know whether things are working right.

    • Those things are frustrating as crap! Have you talked to someone who specializes in that? I might be able to help if you need an intro

  • Lauren

    I am currently struggling with a domain name to get my site up and running :/ It seems so trivial, but I know it is important too.

    • Carrie Hane Dennison

      I had to do that earlier this year. It is hard and not trivial at all. A domain name says a lot of your business!

      • Lauren

        Thank you, Carrie! I thought the same.. It’s been months though. Ugh..

    • That can be one of the hardest decisions to make in the beginning.

      Why don’t you let us help you.

      What are the options you are considering right now?

      • Lauren

        That would be great. I actually don’t have options I’m even thaaat fond of, but here are a couple. earthlysage,
        surrendertodivinity, scarstosagacity.. Let me know what you think! Any input is appreciated 🙂

        • Derek Wydra

          Earthlysage immediately struck me as the easiest to remember. (I know this is a reallly late reply lol.)

          • Lauren

            That was my favorite of them as well. Thank you!

  • Carrie Hane Dennison

    Creating a sales process. Now that I’ve made the mindset shift to building a business, I’ve got to do the work to get a stream of business.

  • Grant

    Getting the solution to the target audience can be difficult. You know
    the problem exists. The unresolved issue causes pain. Yet, positive
    responses to blog posts and courses appear random. Designing and
    delivering the Baby Motrin to my target audience has proven difficult.
    I’m not sure if they can’t find the product, it doesn’t cure the pain,
    or they’re not will to take the minimum effective dose.

  • I just want to applaud this post and the creativity it was written with. Gold. Lol. I can so relate. But I also think about how much time we would save if we swallowed our pride and asked for help at the beginning when the clerk first appeared. No doubt that it’s hard the first time no matter what but I don’t think it has to be as hard as we tend to make it (because we try to do it ourselves vs asking or hiring the right guide). Sometimes in our attempt to save $1 we spend $2 and become way more frustrated in the process.

    • 1,000,000% Great point Daniel.

      Followup: What are you struggling with right now that you should have asked help on?

      • Haha. Dang follow up questions. : ) There’s so many things. But my biggest struggle right now is simply putting more focused time on creating my own products vs just creating them for clients. I know what to do. It’s just doing it (for meyself). Working on it. Closer today than I was yesterday.

  • Heather Teysko

    growing my list. I have your chrome extension. I have a podcast that gets, on average, around 4,000 unique listens in the first 48 hours, and I push people like crazy to it. Newsletter subscribers get extra minicasts and discounts on my book. There’s also a freebie ebook introduction to renaissance english choral music (yes, my podcast is on renaissance english history, and I am a nerd). I’ve been working on it since September. I’ve done giveaways using the kingsumo wordpress plugin. I’m currently at 275 🙁

    • Mind linking to the podcast?

      • Heather Teysko

        Of course not – the Renaissance English History Podcast. I’m on itunes, stitcher, tune in, etc etc., but the podcast site is https://www.englandcast.com where there’s an archive of shows.

      • Heather Teysko

        PS the only reason I didn’t sign up for your course right away was because I had just signed up with Tribe Writers and another course from Leonie Dawson (a hippie entrepreneur artist who is amazing) and I was like, dude, there is a limit to how many darn courses I can take at once. As some of these others work their way through, yours is on my list. I don’t doubt that it will make a huge difference for me. The timing was just wonky for me.

          • Heather Teysko

            Dude, what a great idea. So elegant. So simple. Like all great ideas. So totally kicking myself for not thinking of this. The first thing that comes to mind is that I write out individual scripts for each episode. I had been thinking that, considering they’re an asset that are just sitting in my google drive, I should bundle like-themed ones together and put them up on amazon charging like $1.99 for them. But way better to just give them away in exchange for an email. What would be even better is to do both – make them available for sale (could drive people to my podcast who just find the ebooks), AND give them to people. That way I can say, “the scripts for the past 3 episodes on the Elizabethan Theater are available on Amazon for $1.99, OR you can get it free by texting/blah blah”. Also, I love the idea of having it available via text. I know most people listen to me in the car/train and don’t go to my website. Having a short code to text TOTALLY solves that.
            Again, you are Brilliant. As soon as I stop paying Jeff Goins for Tribe Writers in August, I’m totally doing your course next. 🙂

  • Chase

    Creating my ethical bribe is taking way longer than I want it to. I’m creating a mental coaching program that uses a food journal to lose weight. I decided to give away a 21 day challenge as a sample of what it’s like to take my program and answer some very common questions that people have when wanting to lose weight.

    It’s taking FOREVER but it’s okay because I’m learning a lot about myself in the process and I agree that it won’t take this log the next time.

    Great post!

    • Love it! Listen to this: https://vidfru.it/1WwBvGa

      Mdways through Tim has a cool structure for creating lead magnets. Might help.

      • Chase

        Thank you Bryan! I appreciate you, you practice what you preach.

        You are a milestone influencer in my life, someone who improved my direction at an critical point in my journey.

        You know I take your course because your content is highly valuable, but more than that I take it because it energizes my vision. It’s a vehicle that’s helping me focus my creative energy. To me that alone was worth the price of admission.

        And more than just learning how to build a list, I’m learning from you how to be a real person and really help people, while being exceptional at your craft.

        So thank you.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for appreciable post. i am new on online selling and now i am struggling about find out the right product. Hope your post help me to generate new idea.

    • Keep. Grinding.

      Also, google “Perfect Product Idea Videofruit”

  • Tiffany Cavegn

    Totally my first 100 email subscribers. I have built 12,000 readers a month to many blogs. Getting emails is Harrrrrrrdddddddd for me.

    • Dang, 12k per month isn’t shabyy at all!

      Google “upsidedown homepage” thats one of the first things i do when helping out a site.

  • Yep!

    – Setting up sales funnels in Click Funnels connected with Infusionsoft.
    – Getting paid FB ads to convert.

    Totally relate to this post. Sometimes I feel like, “what the hell is wrong with me?” I’m smart, I’m motivated, I’ve been at the entrepreneur game for a while, why does it take so freaking long to set up something new??

    Great to hear I’m not alone! haha 🙂 #keepatit

    • Vivian Madison Mahoney

      Laura and most of you I so relate to you.
      Back in 1989 and 90 I self-published a 394 page book for home study courses and sold them to therapist all across the country promoted live seminars. And this was my first computer experience in my life.
      and now I’m trying to get to the point where I can do these courses online and webinars and I feel as dumb as a box of rocks and then some.
      I tried to send a small document in about 5 different ways for 7 hours yesterday and they can’t open it and I can’t open it. It’s probably the news Toshiba Ms 365 and carbonite conversion of files all combined or some dumb thing but what we used to be able to do in our sleep we can’t do now with somebody holding your hands it seems like.

    • Both of those = hard. Get help if you need to.

  • Avery White

    Oh man – I’ve been working on this children’s book for middle-graders FOR-FREAKING-EVER. Balancing that with building a website, establishing a brand, and getting subscribers, doing research for blog posts. Gotta focus. Just. Gotta. Focus.

    Buffet/Gates: Hmm, sounds like you need to focus
    Me: I know, I know
    Buffet/Gates: You’re failing…you know that right?
    Me: …
    Buffet/Gates: Pick ONE thing, focus on that – kill it. THEN move on. Finish the site, bag any thinking on the brand for now. Set a deadline. Hit getting subs hard after your deadline. That needs to be your next thing.
    Me: *bookmarks videofruit*

    😉 Thanks Bryan – just getting this out in a comment helped me prioritize. That’s been something I’ve been praying for. Thanks! I’ve got crazy respect for you guys!

  • Michelle

    MailChimp!! If I have to watch 45 webinars and read 33 tutorials, it’s TOO Complicated!!! I am not a techy! Why are all these systems made for techys and not the average person???

  • Promoting my first HUGE article in order to get backlinks and build my list.

    It’s an 11-chapter WordPress tutorial for beginners, it took FOREVER to make, and it’s taking even longer to promote. So far, I’ve gotten 15 subscribers from this 10,000 word WordPress tutorial, but hey, I just posted it last week, so that’s what I keep telling myself for motivation.

    You’re 100% right though, everything worthwhile sucks the first time you do it.

  • Completing the code of my first product is taking me 1000x more time than it should. :'(

    • I can relate. Whats the product?

      • It’s a SaaS product which will help you collect more leads from your website 🙂

        • Nice! Ping me when done. Would love to check it out.

  • Taisha Stewart


    That’s the thing that’s taking me 100x longer than anybody else I know who’s done it a thousand times. I keep telling myself this when I feel frustrated: “don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20”.

    • Absolutely. Keep going. You’ll get there. My first one to wayyyy to long to create too.

  • Thought you’d appreciate this! My thing is I’m trying to change my domain name. I’ve googled how and tried but I guess I need to actually call bluehost and have them do it for me.

  • Monica Weber

    Thank you for this encouragement! When we are newbies we tend to think everyone has this all figured out and we most often feel well ‘stupid’! Took me whole day just to put up and populate a simple Fb page with affiliate links. Thought I would go crazy because I had watched so many gurus put up their website or Fb pages on webinars and it looked like click and copy easy! Next day when I checked my page again my reaction was like ‘mhee’ nothing to it! Had a good laugh! Nevertheless thank you for the grocery story! Great analogy and very encouraging!

  • pattyloof

    Consistent Amazon sales for my book. I can sell 20 paperbacks a day at an event; one Kindle a day online (at a third of the price) doesn’t seem to be too much to ask for … is it?

    • Have you built your email list?

      • pattyloof

        Working on it.

  • Vivian Madison Mahoney

    Your grocery store story was the most inspiring and aggravating as well because I could feel your every move for that store. I feel like I’ve been stuck in that store and that made for the last two-and-a-half years and constantly reading your stuff is pulling me out of it and thank you so much and I feel like I can get on board maybe mid-july and get something done and prove how much value you and a couple of others like Jeff Goins have been to me.

  • J.Rose Allister

    Oh boy, Bryan, how much did I need this article! I’m struggling right now with two things that are going hand in hand: my first book launch blog tour and getting the first 100 subscribers. Trying to juggle arrangements I’ve never done before has been driving me bonkers. Thank you for the pep talk!

    • Idea: cut one. Focus on one. Conquer it. Then start working on the other. That usually helps me.

      • J.Rose Allister

        Good plan. I always tend to have All The Things on my to-do list. Thanks!

  • Scott Stephens

    Hey Bryan, I’m working on my first commercial mixed-use real estate development. Its taking forever but it will be a cake walk on the next project. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Love it! Where is it at?

      • Scott Stephens

        Wedgewood Houston and another one on Dickerson Pike

  • Chris


    • Check a few comments above. That guy wrote an epic post about it.

  • Terry Marchion

    Getting to those first 1000 followers — I have a total of 3 right now after two months of (what feels to me like) hard work . . .

  • Toña Morales-Calkins

    What’s taking me way too long is putting out the first in a series of language learning booklets. I do know that once the cover design is done, it’s good for the series. And I have been finding lots of inspiration in some image searches for clip art . . . still, the first one is 7 pages of text. It’s been written/edited/revised/finished for some time. It’s all the associated minutae that are driving me CRAZY.

  • My challenge right now is organizing and creating a framework/system for thirty plus years of training,teaching and experience, using self-hypnosis and modern mind technologies for change. I have sooooo much information and am working on ways to organize it so that it can be of great value, and very accessible It seems like it’s taking me about 200 years!

  • Julie Danielson

    The sales FUNNEL ARGGGHHHH. Just when I did it, my mail system has a bug and can’t deliver a Thank You page in mobile correctly. So, I have to redo and relearn all new tools.

  • LaQuilia Graham

    Right now I am working on my first ebook, “What Every Virgin Should Know” and it is def taking 100x longer than (I think) it should. Perhaps it is a combo of me overthinking things and b/c it’s my first time doing it..ha! The irony in that statement. Thanks for the reminder Bryan!

  • kronda

    Getting my first online course launched.

  • Montie Slavin

    Yes, the post is good…I enjoyed it! So, I signed on to Convertkit for a trial (30 days) about 10 days ago and I am frozen into inaction. I am a neophite with all things technical. I began putting my blogging website together a year ago. I am getting there through many incarnations and am trying to move it up a notch at a time. I am always fearful and know that I just need to do it and then redo it and fix it…and revise. But am still frozen at this point.

  • Launching my upcoming product “Bryan Harris style”.

  • Fabian Markl

    What takes me forever is writing great emails that add value to people who inspire me so I can start building a relationship with them. But, I’m practicing everyday. What I can do 10x faster than few weeks ago is creating landing pages.

  • malarts

    Trying to build a website product in a style that’s new to me…what a mission.

  • It is taking me way longer to get me first online course launched. Tough working a full time job as a life coach & marriage/family therapist while working on this project.

  • Right now, I’m trying to find the right balance between my work life and my personal life. All or nothing tends to be my mentality and I really need to fix that.

  • Rich F

    That is so me at the supermarket… I despise it. It’s taking me ages to get my funnel strategy worked out (Big idea, thesis, hook/headline, buyer beliefs, offer) but getting there.

  • OkieWriter

    Great post Bryan!! I could feel your pain. Fortunately for me, my husband is the cook in the family. But . . . like you . . . I have had those moments of trying to track down those elusive items that never seem to be where they should. One time I swear the item was moving around the store on me, switching from shelf to shelf, aisle to aisle, as I tried to chase it down pushing the cart. It was like an “Outer Limits” episode. I could almost hear the eerie music!! My main issue now is settling into a niche and getting some writing jobs. Most of my writing has been about my everyday life — who wants to read about that, right?? Of course, my writing group tolerates it, critiques it, etc. but unfortunately, that does not bring in any money.

  • Madeline Hanlon

    My husband and I are in the very beginnings of making our business official. So far, we’ve been hanging around Instagram and Facebook, making lots of friends, but not being super clear about the fact that we are indeed looking to work with musicians and actually do business.

    There are a lot of things that feel like a struggle right now. Building a website, building an email list – and then targeting emails to the right people, and marketing in a way that clearly says “yes, we sell things, but you do need to talk to us” without sounding desperate.

    BTW – Hubby knows your grocery shopping pain. We’ve agreed to split the shopping, so that he only has to buy the same few things at the same store, once a week. Usually, it works!

  • Richard

    Getting my email autoresponder setup is the hardest thing ever! I’m even delaying the launch of my website until thats done since I want my funnel to be working so I don’t miss out on any sales and trust building opportunities with my emails.

  • Nathanael Clanton

    Getting past the learning curve of creating my first product/course. Building my email list to 1k (currently stalled at 350). Deciding what content to make public/free and what to reserve for a book/product/course – I’m not sure where to make the distinction.

  • Kunal Sampat

    such an engaging blog post!

  • Lorene Wright

    I am trying to get a newsletter or blog post out to people that gave me their emails at an expo a month ago. I have sent them one email…but I still am not sure how to do it. I just need to work on it.

  • Finishing an e-book to offer as incentive for my email list. First, I didn’t know what to offer as incentive; that took a few days. When I finally thought of the ebook I had to write it. Even though I was using content that I had already written out, it took forever to organize it into one document. I pretty much have all of the content finished, but my designer mind won’t let me release it without it some type of style, which is the current hold up.

  • Robert Scanlon

    Getting to the next action item in my LinkedIn marketing plan! (Creating a fancy named group; prepopulating it with good content from my close network, then inviting targeted connections)

    Also: Not really a first time thing, but first time trying to fix something that should never have broken and still not succeeding. A different business to the LinkedIn above, but one running for years and now we get almost no response from a 33k mailing list that has been bled dry, but like someone said below, our optin rates have now fallen below the unsub churn, and nothing I try re changes entire website layout, optin forms, different lead magnets etc seems to work! Grrrr.

    Good content, Bryan, thanks. Smart way to get us to give up our biggest issues that we waste too much time on!

  • Linda DuChene

    Boy! Linking up services is really giving me problems. Thanks for this email. It was just in time. Glad to know others are feeling it too! Thanks, Bryan.

  • Jacqueline Hill

    Haha best post I’ve read in LONG time! (maybe because I’m a visual 🙂 ) Enjoyed reading the email in the middle of a pile of booooring ones. Videoing and writing my first art eProject is mine

  • So funny. I love grocery shopping (unaccompanied..i.e. no husband or kids). Focusing on one thing and staying consistent.

  • angelarose25

    Lol, love it Bryan! Get ’em laughin’ then shovel in something good while their mouths are still open. Brilliant!

    So, priorities and discipline are my struggle right now. Working simultaneously on designing a website, writing my 1st course, and setting up an auto responder. Phew, makes my head spin just typing it!

  • Deb Wertz

    Awesome post! I am stuck at 115 email subscribers and writing my first book is taking forever!!

  • stefany

    Creating my very first online course is taking me longer than i had expected. Much longer than i was told it would take.

  • Sheila

    Launching my first tshirt store. Just got the 9 designs back from the designer so I’m almost done!

  • Annie Darling

    …Finishing a painting…Painting done. good. But then there’s putting the hangers on, titling it, taking photos, tweaking the photoshop file, making different size files for each application, uploading to various websites, figuring out pricing, putting it on social media, adding it to a email newsletter, cataloging it, wrapping it for safety and praying it doesn’t get damaged before someone buys it.

  • Writing copy for my launch (email campaigns + sales page). Much easier to do for others than yourself! Plus, when do you ever know you’re done?! #AlwaysTweaking #InAGoodWay 😉

    Thanks for your killer content and posts Brian. This one was fun!

  • Creating content, presentations and materials for a 3 hour in person workshop that will teach authors how to create a book marketing system.

    An entirely new area for me, but it’s helping me develop many new skills.

  • Jason Croft

    Launching my second show. But it’s the first one I’m editing by myself. Shot 10 episodes. Editing now and finally about to launch!

  • angeliki

    Thanks for sharing this Brian …it s nice to share frustration…with others at the same point of evolvment. Where to start.. Finding opt in for my web site, writing my first blog, building my mail list …is only the start of the list …A! And first time mac user to spoil all the knowledge i had till now…But i ll try to figure out …

  • Carrie

    Writing my first guest article/blog post to generate traffic. I know what I want to write about, and I’ve even gotten started- many times. I’m terrified because I feel like there’s so much riding on it: Will it fly or flop?

  • Ok, I’ll humor you. What’s taking me forever is setting up an automatic system (w/ ConvertKit and WordPress) to sell my products without a lot of active intervention from me. I just can’t seem to do it right!

  • Zoltán Megyeri

    It will take forever to create and upload my first video blog post ever. I decided to run a video blog instead of regular text-based blog.
    But I’m very dissatisfied with the quality of my first video. I talk and look bad on the camera, the image quality is poor, etc. I spent the last weekend with this, but still can’t see the end of the process.

  • Andrew Ward

    I’ve just finished writing my first free tri-fold pamphlet – a how to guide. I can’t believe how long it took! Mainly because I cheated and paid for it once I gave it to the graphic designer. 9.5point font is not allowed just to squeeze more words on the page. After 9 rewrites it reads amazingly, and now I know how much I can fit on two sides of an A4 page. The next pamphlet is going to take only a fraction of the time because of all the techniques I’ve learned in the process. Love the squiggle graph Bryan. It so accurately represents my pamphlet writing experience. Cheers

  • TwinsTrack Murray


  • Wow. This is an awesome post. Just in time for something I am whipping up. Thanks for this Bryan

  • Ted Clark

    Spinning on hitting go on a paid marketing thing to test it out. Like a Facebook ad. Like $5 a day to start but want to see it turn into traffic/subscribers.

  • AsylumCricket

    I’m completing my first self-directed project in the Unity Engine. I’m realizing the scripting portion is far more complicated than the tutorial-directed projects would have had me believe.

  • Greaaaat, biiiiig exapleeee, Thanks!

  • jimihendrix

    compiling a giveaway to build a list (solve a problem, test a niche), find customers for web design, build 1st saas product and company.