Videofruit is now Growth Tools.

Fun News: We’re changing the name of the company from Videofruit to Growth Tools!

When I first started the company in March 2013, I was making explainer videos for online businesses and political campaigns. The name sorta made sense then, but mainly the domain was available and I thought it sounded cool. We got a mayor elected, started a popular SaaS company’s YouTube channel, and got published by GaryV.

Then things started changing. Over time I adapted our content and products to what the audience wanted the most: getting more customers for their business. That led us to focus on 2 things: tools and training to grow your business.

2014: I started doing 1:1 growth coaching.

2015: We launched an online training course, Get 10,000 Subscribers.

2016: We launched another online training program, Slingshot.

2017: We launched a suite of free growth tools: Drip Scripts, GoViral,,, List Goal and more.

2018: We figured out coaching was much more effective so we retired from our course to 100% focus on our coaching program.

2019: We launched a 4-week training product called Accelerator, where we teach and get you 1 specific marketing result.

Through all of this we’ve clarified our mission:

Our Mission: $100,000,000 in client revenue growth.

And our business model has come into focus:

Our Business Model:

#1: For lead gen, we create free growth tools that are helpful and solve our ideal clients’ top problems.

#2: For sales, we tell users of our tools about our training programs.

We believe that we become better people when we create and the world becomes a better place when that creation is shared. Seeing people like Cathryn Lavery and Elena Favili come through our training programs and use our tools and then go on to set all-time Kickstarter records and open the NY Stock Exchange is cool!

With all of that in mind, the name Videofruit just doesn’t make sense anymore. (Sidenote: Did the name name Videofruit EVER make sense?) Growth Tools worksand I didn’t have to pay a ton for the domain. Woot!

Thanks so much

Bryan Harris

Founder of Growth Tools


1. Will the Videofruit blog go away?

Nah. It’ll stay on the VF domain for a while. But will eventually be moved over to the GT domain. We’ll keep publishing every week.

2. Will the site look as ugly and outdated as the old Videofruit site?

LOL. Shut up. You aren’t funny. 🙂

The new site is pretty hawt.

3. What does that mean for 10ksubs, RLB and Slingshot?

You still have access and support of all of our paid products. Every feature and every promise made will be kept. We just won’t be actively selling them anymore.

You can access 10ksubs here

You can access Slingshot here

You can access RLB here

4. Are you keeping the Videofruit domain?

Back off! That’s my baby! Too much brand equity and SEO juice to it to turn it loose. We’ll just 301 redirect it to Growth Tools. It’ll take a few more months to get everything moved. We’re not in a massive hurry. Hopefully, everything will be moved over by the end of the year.