How Unlimited Consulting Works

A few details on how everything works:

  • You get unlimited List Building consulting via Email
  • Many times we’ll respond to your questions via Video (sometimes text)
  • Any question you have regarding high-level strategy, front-line tactics, or anything in between, we’ll give you an answer.
  • The more specific your questions, the better.
  • To submit your questions you’ll use a dedicated portal inside of the course
  • We’ll respond to all questions in 72 hours (usually much sooner)

A few tips on asking good questions…

As a rule try to avoid asking for ‘Feedback’.

It’s tough to give general feedback that’s actionable for you.

Instead try to ask a very specific question.

For example:

A poor version of the same question would be…

A few more details: 

  • This isn’t an opportunity for us to do your work for you, you’re just getting our thoughts and opinions before you execute
  • Results will largely depend on your level of execution
  • This is primarily an opportunity to get a second set of eyes on your idea in a cost-effective way.