What is manfisher.com?

If you are reading this page you undoubtedly saw the “@manfisher.com” part of my email address and were curious.

Stalker! Nah, its all good.

Manfisher.com is a faith based website that I want to start in the next few years. I had the idea for it in 2009 but have put it off for sometime. However, most projects that are put off tend to never come to fruition. Other crap takes precidence and eventually the idea just vanishes.

I wanted to prevent that. So, I registered the domain name and made it my email address.

Now, every time I send and receive an email I’m reminded of the project.

I have no timeline to stat the site. The time isn’t quite right yet, but it will be soon.

I’ll let you know when it is.

  • Jimmy Moncrief

    awesome redirect!

  • Cleaver idea. And now you have stats on how many people check out the domain in your email. 🙂

  • Busted.

  • Cool idea! And yeah, I saw the email address and searched from there 😉

  • Wondering about this myself…

  • Smart way to give yourself a constant reminder.

  • Busted during the your (very good btw) 10ksubs lesson6… Just wondering. OK, I Come back to my homework ! I need to improve my http://www.perdreduventre.tv mailinglist project !!

  • This guy is brilliant. Very creative use of a redirect. You’ve thought of everything, Bryan.

    • Nico

      hah, that’s exactly what I thought – wow, this guy has optimized everything about his public interactions!

  • Bryan, such a great idea! I thought this was you and now I know it was you. =)

  • You have given me food for thought, Bryan 🙂

    Awesome Idea!

  • Nurya Love Parish

    Super interested in this when it happens.

  • Chad R. Allen


  • Yep, you got me. I was curious because I used to lead worship for a church where Matthew 4:19 was a common theme: “And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

    Anyway…very interested in seeing where you go with this (assuming you get around to it). Be blessed!

  • nice one Bryan. really nice one! i’ve got a ton of experience running a faith based website, hit me up if you’d like to talk more about it!

  • Daniel Stephens

    Very clever idea! I’d love to hear what sort of content you’re thinking of. Please put me on your launch list whenever this project goes live.

  • Bryce York

    Such an awesome concept.

  • Killer thing Bryan! Super Impressed

  • Eric Raio


  • You described me exactly – saw the domain flash inside the Google Docs link I was accessing. Like others have said, brilliant redirect to capture people’s attention. It’s also interesting to find more people of faith incorporating that into what they do. Most often it gets totally sidelined, so it always surprises me when I find a mention about it.

  • Bryan, such an inspiring and unique way to share your faith in a way that is effective, but not pushy. Love it… as I too am a fisher of men in not-so-in-yo-face ways 😉

    • I love this Athena! Yes MT 5:16 is up on board to remind me why I do what I do. 😉

  • 🙂

  • Sweet!

  • Jim Bunker

    Freaking awesome!! I had to check the domain it definitely peaked my interest. Love the movie the Guardian and the concept of the website!!! Thanks

  • This is great. Way to hold yourself accountable.