Jump-Start: Lesson 5

Lesson 5: Two examples of how to use the Testimonial Hack strategy

This is the fifth lesson of the Jump-Start Your Email List training series.

Today you’re going to see three “in the wild” examples of the list-building strategy you learned yesterday (the Testimonial Hack). Sometimes it’s hard to get the juices flowing and come up with ideas for how to implement specific strategies in your business.

This lesson will help you by giving you real-life examples of this in action.


Yesterday I taught you how you can use the Testimonial Hack to get in front of 100s of thousands of potential subscribers.

Quick review of that strategy…

Step 1: Make a list of 5 products or services that you’ve purchased (related to your business).
Step 2: Write a short testimonial documenting one small win you’ve had with each product.
Step 3: Send that testimonial to the owner of the product and tell them “Thank you!”

Today I thought I’d send you a few examples of this in action to help you along…

Example #1: John Lee Dumas is featured on the homepage of WP Curve in a video testimonial


According to SimilarWeb, WP Curve has 250,000 visits per month to their website.


That means John is getting 100s (if not 1,000s) of free visitors to his site from his testimonial on their homepage.

Could you do the same?


Example #2: I am featured on the homepage of AppSumo in a written testimony about their course.


AppSumo is estimated to get 850,000 visits per month, according to Similar Web.

And I directly receive over 2,000 unique visitors per month from my case study on their homepage.

Now it’s your turn.

Take the next 5 minutes to brainstorm out a list of 5 products, blogs and podcasts that you are follow closely.

Then write a short note describing a small success you experienced as a result of their product.

Lastly, send that note to the person, telling them about your win.

(Note: For the exact email template you can use to do this, refer back to Lesson #4.)

Quit procrastinating.

Set a timer for 5 minutes.


There is a lot more to growing a list than just the Testimonial Hack.

Once you’ve used this strategy, there are still questions like…

  1. How do I get traffic to my website when I’m just starting out?
  2. How do I turn my traffic into email subscribers?
  3. How do I actually make money from my list?

Want answers to these questions? The next lesson will help you. I’ll be answering several popular questions about how to get traffic if you are just starting out, what tools you should be using and how to actually make money from your list.

If you’ve already joined the Rapid List-Building System, you’ll want to revisit Module 1, “The Foundation” and Module 2, “Getting your First 100 Subscribers” to immediately access this training.

If you haven’t joined RLB yet, here is the link.

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Lesson 5 – Two examples of how to use the Testimonial Hack strategy
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