Is it wrong to profit during Corona? 

By March 20, 2020

Should you be promoting your business and profiting during Corona? 


Let me repeat.


The most selfish thing you could do as a business owner is to feel bad for serving and finding new clients that need you. Do not go out of business because you stopped marketing and selling! The economy suffers, you suffer and your clients suffer. 

Important distinction though:

Don’t be the goober hoarding and price gouging hand sanitizer or the senators insider trading. Those people go to jail. 


Be the course creator who pivots their productivity course to a “How to work at home for the first time and still be productive” course. THAT IS NEEDED.

Be the mindset coach who pivots their offering to help CEOs keep their teams mentally and emotionally healthy so their business doesn’t tank. THAT IS NEEDED. 

Be the gym rat who starts a new online personal training program and helps 1000s who are suddenly without a gym and a routine. Keep us from getting fat and lazy! (Trust me) THAT IS NEEDED!


Now is not the time to disappear. Now is your time to shine!

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