Two ways you can respond to COVID-19 as a business owner

By March 17, 2020

The world has turned upside down.

2 ways you can respond as a business owner:

Option #1: Offense

Attack. New offers. Rally team. Have the best 8 weeks ever. Double ad spend. Book 100 new partnerships. Kill stuff and bring it home. ATTACK!

Option #2: Defense

Victim. Curl up. Layoff. Cut ad spend. Scared. Close your eyes. Hope against hope.

Which do you choose? 

One of these puts you in control. Allows you to head off into the woods, muskets in hand and save your business from whatever is about to happen in the world. 

The other forces you to be a passive observer. It allows the fate of your business to rest on uncontrollable forces. Glues you to the TV. Addicts you to social media. Defaults you to lose. 

Neither may work. But one allows you to lay your head down at night knowing you did everything possible. Another leaves you whining and asking for someone else to fix your problem. 

You get to pick your path. 

Which do you choose? 

Do you choose to play the victim? Or do you choose to strap up and realize you’ve been living in the best 11-year-run in economic history and NOW is the time to get to work (not to roll over and “see what happens”)? 

I choose Offense!

We choose to not accept that the market sucks. We choose to not roll over and die. Our team is doubling down on the next 8 weeks. We *will* make it one of the best stretches in company history. 



Reason #1. Your competition is scared.

How do I know? Facebook ads are cheaper than ever. Everyone is pulling their ad spend to play defense. That means ad inventory is high and cost is plummeting. 

They are scared. And that gives you an unfair advantage. 

Are you going to do something about it? Or follow the herd and roll over? 

(We are seeing our lowest ad cost in the last 18 months) 

Reason #2. Everyone wants the same thing (more sales) 

Every founder and marketer is worried about the same things right now, sales. 

That means doing partnerships and co-promotions are easier than ever. That founder that ignored your email 2 weeks ago, would die to do a co-webinar now. It means more sales for you and them. 

Want the biggest influencers and companies in your industry to promote you? Easier than ever. 

Here is a partnership pitch I sent while writing this email. It got an immediate yes.

For the first time in modern history, you know the thoughts of every person on earth. 

If we can’t pivot to reach our customers where they are at, in a time where we know exactly what everyone is thinking, what are we even doing!?!?

The time is now! 

Reason #3. Your clients need you now more than ever.

Many of our clients are scared. After all It’s the wild wild west. However, it’s our job to show how playing offense rather than defense is the single best thing you can do to help your business, customers and make an impact. 

That’s how we’re thinking and acting at Growth Tools.

How about you? 

What are you thinking right now? 

Do you want to roll over and accept what comes?


Do you want to go on the attack? 

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