Get your first $3,000 per month contract

Easy to follow process


By far the biggest issue that I faced when starting a business was sales. I had a load of ideas and ‘passion’ but getting someone else to pay me money for them? Yea, right!

Over the last 12 years I’ve sold lawn care packages, building materials and even multi-million dollar conveyor systems. The past 3 years I have been trying to figure out how to transfer that skill set into online business.

I don’t have it all figured out, but I’ve finally discovered a process that works extremely well.
In this guide I’m going to walk you through the six baby steps I took to secure $6,000 of monthly recurring revenue in the last month.

Here is a brief outline of the process.

Step 1: Make a list of potential clients

Step 2: Set a monthly outreach goal

Step 3: Set a ‘no’ hypothesis

Step 4: Write the proposal

Step 5: Find the target’s contact information

Step 6: Track key data points

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