Quick hack to get more customers with Nerdy Data

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Note: We’ve updated this post with a few more examples and answers to several popular questions in the comments. Click here to jump straight to the update.

Do you want more customers?

One of the quickest and most hacky ways to get more customers is to make a hit list: a list of folks who are either already buying from your competitors or are using products tangentially related to the product (or service) you sell.

Then reach out to every person on your list and tell them about your product.

Here is a super simple way to do that:

Step 1: Use NerdyData.com to get a list of websites using your competitor’s product.

Step 2: Reach out to them and get them to use your product instead.

NerdyData is a search engine for code. So you can plop in a bit of code from your website (ex: a Facebook tracking pixel snippet) and find all of the other sites on the internet that have that code on their website.

Pretty snazzy, right?

I’ll give you a few quick examples of how you could implement this.

Example #1: Unlock Your Theme by John Meese

John sells an online course called Unlock Your Theme. It’s a video course that teaches people how to use Michael Hyatt’s WordPress theme.

How could John use this strategy to sell more copies of his course?

First, find a snippet of code unique to Hyatt’s WordPress theme.

To do that you can go to any site running his theme and right-click and press “view source.” This will give you a look at the code that produces the page you see on his theme.

You’ll see something like this…

Now, hunt through this code to find a snippet that is unique to the theme.

Something like this…

Last, go over to NerdyData.com and put that code snippet into their search engine.

The result is a list of 2,506 websites that are running the WordPress theme.

These are people who have already bought the theme, installed it and are actively running it on their site.

Now John’s job is easy: send all 2,506 website owners an email, telling them about his course that will help them get more out of their website.


Example #2: ConvertKit by Nathan Barry

Nathan Barry runs a email service provider called ConvertKit.

You’re familiar with MailChimp and AWeber, right?

ConverKit is like that, only more sophisticated, cheaper and specifically designed for professional bloggers.

Marketing ConverKit is a little tricky though. ConvertKit is not targeted at the beginner crowd. The entry level plan costs $29 per month, whereas Mailchimp and Aweber both have free (or extremely cheap) plans for beginners.

Nathan’s target market is bloggers with 3,000 subscribers on their list who are already making money from their list.

These are people who are already using email service providers like Infusionsoft or Ontraport but are fed up with the complexity and bloat of those systems.

But finding those people can be hard.

Unless you use our new hack. 🙂

First, you would need to find a snippet of code that websites using Infusionsoft or ONTRAPORT would have on their site.

In this case that’s easy: any website with an embedded form has a unique piece of code.

For example…

If you go to LewisHowes.com you’ll see an embedded form on the home page.

Right-click your mouse and press “view source” and you’ll get the entire code base for his website.

Now, if you do a search for “infusionsoft,” it brings you straight to several unique pieces of code you can use for the search.

Lastly, if you punch that snippet of code into NerdyData, you get a list of over 18,000 websites with the same code installed.

= Infusionsoft’s entire customer list!

Now Nathan has a hit list. He has a list of 18,000 people who are actively paying Infusionsoft at least $250 per month for their service.

His job is to filter through this list and reach out to the most qualified prospects.


**UPDATE: Answering a few common questions**

Since originally publishing this article, I’ve received a boatload of “How do I use this in my industry?” questions.

This update will answer those questions and clear up a few other issues several of you have faced.

Update #1: The purpose of this technique is to identify potential customers for your business based on trackable and searchable behaviors.

Those behaviors could be any number of things:

1. Articles they have backlinked to

2. Plugins they have installed

3. Themes they are running

4. The CMS they are using (WordPress, Squarespace etc.)

Before jumping in to use this technique, It’s important for you to identify what online behaviors qualify your customers.

Not all businesses will be able track plugins, themes and backlinks as indicators of customers’ interest.

For example…

Commenter Kyle Reed asked this question:

The Nerdy Data technique is primarily useful for businesses selling products to people that have websites or some form of trackable and searchable online presence.

Since Kyle’s ideal customer is “any women interested in fashion” that makes it a little harder to apply this specific technique.

However, there are several other trackable and searchable indicators that Kyle could use to find women interested in clothes.

Here are two:

1. Pinterest

A search for “women clothes fashion” on Pinterest brings up 100s of popular pins like this.

All 530 people that pinned this are potential customers of Kyle’s wife’s boutique.

Reach out to them, follow them on Pinterest and run paid ads to them.

2. Twitter

Anyone who shares women’s fashion-related articles is a potential candidate as well.

A quick search on BuzzSumo will give you the most popular women’s fashion articles.


You can then click the “View Shares” button in BuzzSumo (or use the free tool Topsy) to see the exact individuals who shared the article.

All 403 of the folks who shared this article have exhibited a behavior that qualifies them as a potential customer for Kyle’s wife’s store.

Update #2: What do you do once you have generated a list of potential customers?

So you’ve used NerdyData (or Twitter or Pinterest) to generate a list of potential clients.

Now what?

Zach Gray asked this question in the comments…

Your exact attack plan will vary depending on the price point and nature of your product.

For example, let’s look at how Nathan Barry could reach out to the prospect list he generates by using this technique.

This is how I would reach out to my prospect list if I were Nathan…

Step 1: Generate a list of 250 potential customers that are currently using Infusionsoft.

Step 2: Pay an assistant to find the email address of each prospect. (Budget: $50-ish.)

Step 3: Email all 250 prospects with this email script:

Step 4: Follow up with anyone who doesn’t respond with this script.

Based on my experience, of those 250 people, Nathan will be able to convert 2-5 of those prospects into paying customers.

Tip: You can also use a service like LeadFuze to automate this entire process.

Update #3:  As an entrepreneur, your job is to creatively apply techniques and strategies you learn to your unique situation.

One of the most valuable skills you can acquire as an entrepreneur is the ability to take strategies that you observe in other industries and apply them to your business.

At first it isn’t easy.

It’s easier to read a blog post like this and say “Oh! My customers aren’t online. This isn’t applicable,” and go back to wallowing in your self-pity.

However, I want to challenge you. I want to challenge you to figure out a way to MAKE it work for you.

How can you take the basic principles taught in this strategy and apply them to your business?

How can you find new potential customers by observing and tracking their behavior online?

That’s your job. Figure. It. Out.

Watch this if you need a little more inspiration.

One of the things that helps me the most is seeing more case studies.

So I’m going to leave you with one more example and a video walk-through of how to apply this strategy.

Example: Video Marketing Business

Corey Baker asked how he could use this strategy to find new clients for his video marketing business.

Start by asking this question.

What paid products are used by people interested in video marketing?

Answer = paid video hosting services like Wistia.

People who pay money every month to host videos on Wistia obviously “get” the value of video marketing and would instantly be more qualified to pay for professional services since they are already paying for video hosting (as opposed to using a free service like YouTube).

So how do we find these people?

Here is a quick video walk-through:


How can you use this to make more sales?

First, be creative.

What software products do your target customers use?

Make a list of them. Google search for them. Examine your own website for what you already use.

Then use NerdyData and the technique I outlined in this post to create your hit list.

Once you have your list together, get to work!

Start reaching out to your new prospects one at a time.

PS: Need help figuring out how to use this technique for your product? Leave a comment below and the community will jump in to give you advice.

  • Very cool Bryan. I have a few clients that will definitely benefit from this.

    • Love it! How do you plan to use it?

      • Right now it is just going to be used to identify plugins and themes. I will eventually use it to try and develop a product for a niche I’m interested in. Just need to decide on the niche.

  • Love it, Bryan. You know I’m definitely going to use this trick for promoting my course, so thanks for using The Get Noticed!™ Theme Unlocked as an example!

    • Should probably hook up Bryan w/ a finders fee or something. 🙂

    • Dude, you get props for your ability to nail “niching down”. Awesome product! Please don’t forget to tell us how those $billies are rolling in from this 🙂

  • Kieron Brown

    Damn, combine this with a tool like http://www.emailhunter.co and the possibilities are huge!

  • Hi Bryan,

    Sometimes I’ll come across a post that makes me go, “Gosh… they are giving away some super insider info here. I would have kept it all to myself!”

    You, Brian Dean, and a few others write posts like this so frequently, I’ve stopped being surprised. Well done, my friend. I’ve already thought of a few ways I can use this trick!

    Will tweet shortly…


    • *blush* thanks Kev 🙂

      • Hendrik Vos

        What Kevin said. Awesome

        • What they both said. The amazing becomes (almost) routine, reading your stuff, Bryan. You certainly have ‘moved the free line’ to quote a long-time IM ‘guru’.

  • Awesome Bryan!

  • Epic.

  • This is a smart way to get you a list of websites, but how do you get associated email addresses?

  • Killer tricks!

  • Brian Stitt

    sneaky bugger! nice stuff…

  • SQ

    Awesome post!

    I would just like to ask: will this work for hardware products?

    Thanks for the help and valuable info!

    • What is your product?

      • SQ

        Hey Bryan,

        Thanks for replying! 😀

        Not sure if it’s considered promotional but I think my website would explain better: http://www.airawear.com

        It’s basically a massage jacket controllable from your smartphone!

  • Neil Kristianson

    Thank you, Bryan! I was about to hire a coder to do this very thing for me. Didn’t know there was anything like this available.

  • Hey Bryan and community, this seems like an awesome ‘hack’! I can’t really think how I could use it for my circumstances though, would love any thoughts?

    1. I have a small physical products business in the outdoors niche, selling things like camping mattresses, stuff sacs, camping mugs, etc under my own brand. i can’t really think of how this would help as my competitors are also selling physical products, nothing to do with code?

    2. I help run a gardening and outdoor living website in Australia, and our competitors would be other gardening websites perhaps selling ebooks or online gardening courses. I can’t really see how I could use this here either, but it feels like maybe there is an opportunity somehow?

    Would love anyone’s thoughts!

    • Not every technique will apply to every situation. In this case, it doesn’t apply to you because this is a B2B prospecting technique: you’re finding a list of WEBSITE OWNERS that fit a certain profile.

      For gardening and camping, your customer base is a lot bigger than just website owners.

      But the high level strategy still applies: Finding telltale signs that give away your best customers. Do they all use a certain product, or shop for certain complimentary products, or read certain magazines, etc.

      • Thanks for the reply Devesh, I thought that might be the case, it just seems like such a good little hack! Oh well 🙂

    • Devesh has a good point. More of a B2B tactic. However, what it could do for you is identify the people that have audiences full of your idea customer. How could you use it for that?

    • ReedP

      Look for people who tweet, like or pin things like what you sell or from the big sites like REI, Campmor, etc.

      • Hi ReedP, that sounds like something that would be really useful for me, and I could definitely use a list like that contact people about our products and hope to get them to try us out, maybe with a ‘try us out’ discount or money back guarantee. Do you have any ideas how I could use this technique to gain this list though? If I use a tool like buzz sumo perhaps to see if people have shared posts about products from big sites? Would love any help with ideas how to track this list.

  • I’m in the same boat as Jarratt — not exactly sure right now how to use this. But I’m sure there’s a way… There are two parts to my business:
    1. I’m a voice actor, so my clients are production companies, elearning developers, radio stations, companies that produce their own commercials, and anyone else needing to add a voice element to their project.
    2. I help other voice actors gain momentum in the business, so my clients there are voice actors and aspiring voice actors.
    Nothing immediately comes to mind for embedded code that these potential customers might have in common. But I’d appreciate any creative ideas!

  • What about a service like Scripted.com for content?

  • Awesome! Thanks Bryan

  • Zach ‘n Jody Gray

    Reaching a competitors customer is interesting and this hack seems cool. The real question is how you would onvert them since that is hard and expensive and time consuming according to Jack Trout (first in the mind of the client).

    • By addressed a pain point the competitor hasn’t resolved. In the ConvertKit example Bryan mentioned how some Infusionsoft and Ontraport customers are “fed up with the complexity and bloat of those systems”.

      Fill the gap where the competition falls short and customers will willingly trade loyalties. At least I do. 🙂

    • Good question.

      Working up a followup post to go into more detail on this.

  • Ermagherd. You just broke the internet.

  • Very clever — and I had never heard of it before. Thanks, Bryan.

  • How would you use something like this if you’re running a video marketing business. We produce video content, help companies tell their stories through multiple channels of distribution whether it be TV or the Web or Social Channels. We help them develop branded stories, which customers can relate to and interact with. It’s not enough any more to just create a corporate video – audiences are more sophisticated and are looking for stories they can relate to. If you guys have any ideas on how to find my target customers I’d appreciate it. We do have some niches, one in the kids toy space, another in real estate marketing and another in pharmaceutical and skin care.

    • Hey Corey, I think we’re targeting the same niche but from different angles — the video aspect and the voiceover aspect. I’ll let you know if I come across a helpful way to implement this.

      • Thanks Carrie. What company do you work for? I work for Gearshift (www.gearshift.ca).

        • I freelance: http://CarrieOlsenVO.com. But I’ve worked with a lot of video production companies. I liked Nathan’s suggestion about targeting people using paid video platforms. And I’m sure there have got to be other innovative ways for us to implement this as well. Have you tried it out yet?

    • Chad

      Hey Corey – any insight into your Real Estate niche? Cheers!

      • Hey Chad, thanks for the note. What insight are you looking for exactly? Can you be a bit more specific and I’ll see how I can help. Thanks so much.

        • Chad

          As soon as I posted that comment I thought I should have been more specific. Are you targeting Real Estate professionals (Realtors) OR potential buyers & sellers?

          • lol Chad no worries. Real Estate is just one of a handful of niches we serve. For the most part we deal with the builders or their agencies directly producing movie-like trailers for their upcoming projects. Generally these videos are played on the website and in the sales centre environment to help create some buzz and excitement about a community or building that hasn’t been built yet. For an example you can check out: http://gearshift.ca/work/tea-house/

  • Bryan, this is great; thanks for sharing it so generously. Question: Do we have to be concerned about privacy violations of people who have never given us their email addresses? Or of the companies whose customer lists we got our hands on?

    • A few key points:

      1. You aren’t to add these people to a broadcast email list
      2. You are simple using this as an indicator that a business is potentially interested in your product.

      If you have legality concerns, talk to a lawyer.

  • Sean Roper

    Thanks for introducing NerdyData to us. I was playing around with it for a bit and it’s super impressive what you can do with it. Are you paying for your account Bryan? Just wondering if you thought it was worth it.

    • Hey Sean! I’m not. Running on a free account right now.

  • I would love to use this idea for my wife’s clothing boutique.
    She has a clothing store here in nashville and online.

    But I am trying to figure out how we could go about doing this.

    Any ideas?

    • Good question Kyle. I’ll answer this in the update tomorrow.

      • Thanks Bryan, look forward to it.

  • Taylor B. Jones

    Would this work for dating sites? I’m a dating coach for a niche group, and I would want to target people who are already affiliates of the dating site to pitch them my products/services to promote.

    • Interesting industry. What would be some tale-tale signs on the websites of datng site affiliates that would signal that they are affiliates?

      • Taylor B. Jones

        The “tale-tale” sign is their affiliate id in their URL when it links back to the dating site. But I was looking to see if I can use this method to see who is an affiliate of the dating site and reach out to them directly.

  • Naughty mentor, distracting me from my ONE Thing with this crazy shiny amazingness.
    So, I’ve got a great email course on creating self-paced email courses that sell, using Mailchimp and by finding MC code on peoples sites, I can get a list of sites already using Mailchimp.

    Now, anyone know of a tool that can mass-categorise URLs by their niche so I can find people who might benefit from course-ifying their content for their readers?

    p.s. Bryan, I think you (we) broke their site…it’s down!

    • Totally! Grab that Mailchmip form code and search it. Perfect application.

  • Matt Ambrose

    Awesome trick! Just giving it a go now and have a quick question:
    How do you find the ‘unique’ piece of code? What are the sorts of parts we’re looking for and/or are there any generic pieces of code we can search the script for?

    • Good question. Right Click > View Source > Then do a search for the name of the software (i.e. Get Noticed Theme) and scan the code for any thing the jumps out as being a unqiue indicator.

  • Sorry if I am stating the obvious here but sometimes a Google search will do the trick as well, that is if the “footprint” is in plain view and isn’t hidden in the source code.

    For example and using the Get Noticed theme as an example. This theme uses a “Powered by the Get Noticed! Theme” in the footer, and a Google search for “Powered by the Get Noticed! Theme” brings up close to 90k results.

    • Totally. Sometimes a Google Search can work just as well. Just depends on your exact application.

      I’ve found Google results to be a bit more cluttered though.

  • Fazal Ahamed

    I need to use this product to hunt prospects for my art auction business. Find art buyers, collectors, art investors etc.

    I’d appreciate much to hear from all the cool kids here 🙂

    Many Thanks

    • What would be tale-tale signs of a website for art buyers/collectors/investors?

  • Luca Paltrinieri

    Nice tip indeed. It would be great if there was a way to restrict the search based on location/language…

  • Fantastic article! I think this will really help a lot of people around here. NerdyData.com is an absolutely new tool for me, that I didn’t know. Thanks!

  • ChrisMichalowski

    I have the same question as Matt (how do you find the unique code) and as a tennis teaching professional, I market to tennis players. Would this work for me? I know my competing sites and sites that they may go to, but this will not give me any info about them will it?

    • Ideal application for this technique is when your end customer has a website. Do most tennis players have websites? Profiles on forums? And online presence that you could identify them by? If so, it has potential.

  • ChrisMichalowski

    No They Don’t. Most are members at clubs. The clubs they belong to have websites though

  • James GrowEverywhere Fry

    This is pretty crafty Bryan. Nice hack! Personally I like to use Facebook Audience Insights and profile a competitor audience based on “likes” to that page, then reverse engineer that audience into my own custom audience.

  • Joni Grogan

    This does look amazing thank you Bryan, your stuff never disappoints. As a no hoper, non nerdy, totally right brained individual, can you suggest what I should be looking for to access things spiritually related please, other than the term ‘spiritual’ naturally?
    I’m in the process of writing a book on this subject and seeking ways to find potential reader’s so any advice would be appreciated.

  • Hey Brian – good stuff as always. Appreciate the http://www.LeadFuze.com shout out 😉

  • Awesome post Bryan. Great stuff.

    Especially the last part: “As an entrepreneur, your job is to creatively apply techniques and strategies you learn to your unique situation.”

    I am definitely going to combine this with some of the other things I’m doing to prospect and get sales. It will fit in nicely, I think.

    What has been your experience with paying people to find the email addresses of the prospects?

    Has that worked pretty well for you?

  • hey Bryan – love this tip. thanks. Question, any idea how I could use this to find customers using services like: Stealth Seminar, WebinarJam, etc…

  • I’m not that techy and I actually understand this! Question, I’m a fiction writer (non-genre – I write reality, contemporary fiction) and don’t want to spend hours a day on social media to get people to sign up to my mailing list so I can sell books to them. How would I use a method like this?

  • jbhoward

    I used it this morning to find public-facing websites that use the collaboration platform for which I’m an architect. This list will help me find potential contract work for those companies or the ones they outsource to.

  • that.. is.. amazing!!

    searching for footprints in the code is an awesome idea!!

    Quick Q: how did you find this awesome tool? did they reach out to you directly? or you saw someone else talking about them?

  • Great stuff as usual! Thoughts on how to leverage this strategy for a conversion optimization service?

  • Bruce Soileau

    Bryan, I’m interested in providing SEO/Content Marketing for Construction Companies…where I have an extensive background. Well, this is one of the coolest tools I’ve come across. I tried several searches, and now don’t remember which piece of code I actually used, but in my search I came across a database for State of Texas Contractors. It allowed me to do a search for Construction Companies in Texas. I was able to download (into Excel) 18,868 construction company contacts, with address, email, website, phone, contact person…in other words…JACKPOT! I only need a handful of clients to make a really good living, so I’m starting to go through the list and sending personal emails with my pitch. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for all of your interesting posts.

  • Thanks for picking my question Bryan. Loved the walkthru and I’ll definitely be giving this a try.

  • Terrance Collins

    Great ideas, Bryan. But the real, universal jewel here is that video.

    WOW! I have assigned myself to watch it every Monday morning.

  • Daniel

    Great and inspiring Bryan, I would like to know how to use this technique selling B2B products. I provide management consulting and strategic planning services to NGOs, nonprofits and charities.

    • What software products do these types of folks use?

      • Daniel

        Thanks for replying Bryan, they use SalesForce, for business development purposes.

        • What else? Anything they’d have on their websites?

  • jaredkimball

    Bryan! This is Gangbusters! Love this tactical approach. I’m going to totally use this and let you know my results. Thanks for sharing such amazing, actionable content.

  • Awesome post! Will be using this to find out who is using LeadPages and offer them a discount on our lead magnet template marketplace ASAP! Your site and posts like this are a huge inspiration… Thanks Bryan!

  • Nice post, we use this on a regular basis, glad to see a detailed walk through of it though.

  • Wow Bryan! This is beyond amazing. Hope you don’t get arrested some day by the blogosphere police for spilling it all 🙂 Quick question though, How does this differ from what softwares like “built with” and Datanyze can do? Thanks a zillion!

  • Hi Bryan! I attended the webinar with Jeff Goins and recently started following you and love all of your advice so far! My new service will be “content marketing for christian writers”. I plan to offer books, courses, coaching in the future. Would I enter “content marketing” or for christian writers also into Buzzsumo? Thanks for your help!

  • Angelique Roussos

    This actually saved my attempt to try and find potential customers for a video software I’m trying to sell. Thanks!

  • Akhil Mk Nair

    Awesome actionable advice Bryan ! One thing I’ll be adding is to use Yet Another Mail Merge Chrome add-on (if done through gmail) so that I can create hundreds of personalized emails at one go .

    Also are there any other paid/non-paid alternatives to Nerdy Data?

  • Brad Finkeldei

    Awesome man! I am wondering how to do this with a coaching business… Keep up the good work!

  • Paul

    I tried this using the Hyatt example and got 3 results instead over 2,000+. Is that because I haven’t paid for the service?

  • These are the coolest hacks! Bryan, you are a genius and a lifesaver! Bookmarking for the future, I am pretty sure this will come in handy soon 😀
    If you end up finding high-profile customers, you can use http://www.leadgibbon.com to extract their email addresses, no need to search high and low.

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  • Simo

    Thanks for the NerdyData site.
    Another easy way to reach those emails is by uploading them as a custom audience to FB and run a FB Ad targeting only those emails.
    You can offer them a free case study or a video first and then retarget those who responded by a coupon or a discount.

  • mike dele

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