Step-by-step formulas to grow your business
Learn the exact formula I followed to grow my business to over
10,000 subscribers and gross $200,000 in my first year.
There is a proven formula you can follow

What if there was a proven system you could follow to grow your business?

10,000 email subscribers: No problem.

$20,000 product launches: Yup!

100,000 visitors to your website: Gotcha' covered.

Contrary to what all of the "experts" say there is a formula for hitting these milestones. And it is isn't nearly as complicated as you've always thought.

My name is Bryan Harris. I am the founder of Videofruit. At Videofruit I breakdown and reverse engineer what the top online marketers are doing.

Then I turn these strategies into easy to follow step-by-step formulas that you can install right into your business.

You'll learn exactly what works! (minus all the fluff)

If you've ever been frustrated by fluffy non-actionable content, you've just met your soul-mate. The average Videofruit blog post is over 2,000 words of mind melting detail.

My goal is to give you the exact plan you need to follow and leave you empowered to change your business.

"It's like PORN for marketers."
Brandon Carter, Director of Marketing @
One quick thing you can do today to grow your business

Videofruit readers LOVE live case studies.

What is a live case study?

It's when I discover a brand-new marketing strategy and then run an experiment to install that strategy into my business. Then I report back with the details of how it worked for me.

For example...

Recently several friends of mine starting removing the sidebar of their websites and going to a single column layout. Well, I was curious if this actually improved their overall business or if was just for asthetics.

Naturally, I asked all of them if it helped or hurt them. Everyone of them said the same thing, "I didn't test it. I just like the way it looked."


So....I tested it.

Over the course of the last two weeks I ran a split test to see if it made a difference.

"Bryan Harris is hungry. That hunger helps him generate amazingly creative content and strategies for growing his business. This is one of those guys you know will succeed."
Noah Kagan, AppSumo

I wanted to know if I should remove the sidebar of my website.

Would more people become customers if there were less distractions?

My guess was that it would. But it was just that, a guess.

What do you think?

Did more people opt-in after I removed my sidebar?

The results might surprise you.

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