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The first time I tried to start a business I
thought there was something wrong with me
What if there was a proven formula you could follow to grow your business?
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Contrary to what you might think there are plug-and-play formulas for reaching these goals.
Repeatable and scalable formulas. They aren’t complicated. But they are hard to find.
My name is Bryan Harris and I am the founder of Videofruit.
At Videofruit we reverse engineer and test 1,000s of growth strategies per year. Then we turn the most effective strategies into detailed step-by-step instructions and case studies for you.
Step 1: We research and test everything.
Step 2: You get the best strategies.
For example…
Last month we found one new traffic formula. We installed it and a few days later  it produced a 25% increase in organic search traffic. It has resulted in 1,523 new email subscribers and is projected to bring in over $15,000 in sales this year.
The best part? It takes less than 15-minutes to implement.
The formula isn’t hard. It’s not complicated. But if you don’t constantly research and test new things you’ll miss out on formulas like this that can easily grow your business.
That’s why we’re here.
We do that hard work for you.
Every week we email out a new growth strategy.
To get those strategies, just enter your email address below and we’ll send them to you for free along with the 15-minute traffic formula I talked about above.
I’ll also toss in a copy of three of our all-time best formulas:
   •  [The EGP Formula] How to get 500 email subscribers in the next 30 days

   • [The Santa Clause Formula] How to get a $3,000 per month contract
   • [The Poster Boy Formula] How to get your first 1,000 visitors
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